About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley, the Hungree Girl. Thanks for popping by to find out more about me! 

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Who am I?

I'm a 20-something Asian-in-denial (I think I'm more white than I am Asian), born in Hong Kong to two of the best Malaysian-Chinese parents. We all moved to Australia in 1998 and have been here since. 

I like the colour yellow, crazy ass shoes, chai lattes, laughing (a lot), photography, pokemon, pretty shiny things and eating. Duh.

What is this blog?

This blog started as I used to take photos of my food and upload them to Facebook, without too much narrative or description. Had a friend that commented that I should start a blog, since they wanted to find out where I was eating…and well, it was as simple as that. 

From there, the blog became my home to nurture my love of photography and share my experiences, of where I have eaten, who I've eaten with and where I have travelled to. It is my open diary and I'm excited to share it with everyone. I do love a good prattle.

And as such, my posts are my own feelings and opinions based on my visits or experience. It probably looks like I almost never have a bad experience, but when I'm with the right company and eating, to me it's always so much easier to find the good things than the bad. 

There's not so many recipes here because I am far better at eating than I am cooking, but something I hope to change in the near future…

I'd also like to take a moment to thank my blog enablers, for putting up with me as I drag them around everywhere. Possibly, in particular, my long suffering boyfriend Brad. I wub you!

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Why are you Hungree?

Because I like food. Because I want to eat all of the food. Because ice-cream is an everyday necessity. Because there's not much I won't eat, this probably coming from my Asian background, and I will give almost everything a go at least once. 

Because I love exploring new and old places, at home and abroad. Because I can't resist a new cafe, and find comfort in the well known and familiar. 

Because hungree looks so much cuter than hungry and better emphasises my almost constant state ie. I'm hungreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, feed meeeeeeeeeee.

Can I ask you something?

PLEASE DO. Can you tell I like to talk? Can you? I love to hear from people, please do feel free to contact me at imsohungree (at) gmail (dot) com, or leave a comment on the blog!

You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the happenings!

Any other questions you'd like me to answer? Please feel free to ask! 


I was a photographer before a blogger, with a fascination for nature macro shots and wildlife, but also an interest in self portraiture. My non-food related photography can be found here: http://thundermistress.deviantart.com

My usual equipment is as follows:

Nikon D7000
Nikon 50mm f1.8
Nikon 24mm f2.8

Canon Powershot S100