Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Craving Mexican....Mamasita

So I only just read about Mamasita in Melbourne Gastronome, but it sounded fabulous and when my bestie David and I finished a free screening of District 9 at his work place (good but quite gruesome, no I hadn't seen it yet) we were both a bit peckish...and well, Mamasita came to mind since it was close to his workplace! So off we trotted.

Silly me had brought out my camera, but forgot my SD card. So David very kindly took pictures for me, but he loves food porn as much as I do. It all works out.

The space in Mamasita, very plesantly surprised me, I'm not sure what I was expecting, something a bit darker, a bit more dingy maybe? Not in a bad way, but the clean, minimalist, warm yet open space, was quite an unexpected find.

I was already in love with the place. Gosh it's so CUTE. Not to mention the waiter who served us. ;]

Cute menus no?

We ordered the grapefruit margarita to share, I love the salt rocks!

By the suggestion of our waiter, we started with the 'Elotes callejeros', "Street Style" chargrilled corn with queso, chipotle mayonnaise and lime. Absolutely delicious and addictive. And I love corn on the cob.

We then ordered a taco each, a taco de Pollo (chicken) and a taco de Cordero (lamb). Although my friend was hoping for the giant jumbo american style taco's, I was very pleased to receive the soft shell, easy to eat, well-sized servings. Very tasty and the de Pollo in particular I found very juicy.

Following that, we ordered a Tostada tasting board, which gives you the choice of 2 tostaditas, out of the 5 variations they have available. For a bit of variation from our tacos, we got the tostaditas de Pescado (fish) and tostaditas de Carnitas (slow braised pork shoulder)

The Pescado was delightfully light and with a nice citrus bang, the lime really comes through, whilst the Carnitas, absolutely savoury but with the jalapenos on top, gave it a really lovely warm and spicy after taste. Almost got a little bit too strong for me!

So whilst we were planning to come with some friends in the next week or two, I'm glad that we got a chance to sample it earlier, as I think I have discovered a new favourite haunt in the city to drag all my friends to!

Level 1, 11 Collins St
+61 3 9650 3821

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  1. Great post! I can't wait to go there. I hope it's just me.. but none of the photos seem to be working. Would love to see some of them if possible?

  2. Hi Mirella!

    I think the photos should be working now! :]

  3. I stumbled upon your post as I was looking for something to make for dinner. Sure looks good! I'll check it out if I'm ever in Melbourne.