Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bringing in 2011! Happy New Year!

We interrupt the delayed posting of eateries to bring you a quick fireworks intervention.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an excellent time bringing in the New Year, whether you did something quiet or you went all out and had a crazy night (in which I hope you got home in one piece!).

Personally, I prefer to be away from the commotion of parties and the city and do something a bit quieter with people I enjoy being around a couple of good drinks.

Living in Kew, I have a gorgeous lookout point about a 10 minute walk away, so Brad and I, along with a few friends after a spot of dinner and cupcakes and mine, made our way out at about 10pm.


Oops, wrong settings...


There we go! Our view of the city! We laid out our picnic blankets, broke out the corona, gin and tonic and bottle of wine and leisurely sat around chatting. Regrettably I did forget the mosquito repellant and am suffering for it 2 days later. I must be super juicy or something.

We sat talking and reflecting on our year, 2010 was an absolutely amazing year for me. I feel that so much has changed for myself. I've found motivation for my work, been active in developing my hobbies, started this food blog (which has been atrociously fun), travelled all the way to America with just a friend for 5 weeks, met Brad who has been absolutely wonderful and amazing in my life and thus, given me a more positive outlook on life. Not bad hey?

It was quiet when we first arrived, but 30 minutes prior the fireworks, the locals shuffled on in, filling up the hill space, with merry chanting and sparklers aglow.

I don't think anyone was really fully paying attention to what time it was, as no one had a countdown going and as we were puzzling over why my friend's phone read 12:02am, Brad's read 11:59pm and mine read 12:01am we were suddenly surprised by the dazzling fireworks display.





The perfect way to bring in the new year. I think it might be hard to top it in 2011, but I think I'm comfortable enough to deal with whatever rolls along my way.


Here's to another awesome year!


  1. Hi girl, and boy:)
    It is about time I started visiting again...

    I love the header, and the color of it...
    Seems like you had a very nice time...

    Have a great day!