Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Studio Movida

Sometimes things pop up in the place you least expect them to. Like when you find that missing shoe you've been looking for in the car. Or you run around your house looking for your dog, to find he's quietly snoozing under mum's bed. 

Or when there's a really great place for coffee in a tiny little cafe under a fitness centre. 

Sometimes you think you know your stomping grounds…and then you find out you don't. 

It was Bryan who suggested we check out Studio Movida, who heard that they apparently do great coffee…although we were both a little suspicious at first. Under a gym? Could you really get good coffee there? 

Studio Movida, as far as I know, is not related to the more famous restaurant of similar name. It's a small, cosy space, that was surprisingly busy early in the morning. There really was a lovely vibe, and it's always nice to see a great mix of people at one place.

My soy chai latte was a little on the sweeter side, but very enjoyable. There was a hint of vanilla in there to me. 

Bryan ordered his magic. 


The first and only thing, to come out of Bryan's mouth after one sip of his coffee before he dived back for more. 

Guys. This has never happened before. Never! He was suitably impressed by his magic, commenting just how….yummy  it was. Sometimes there are no words better than the simplest of words.  

We both ended up going with the 'nom-lettes', except I got the veggie 'nom-lette' and Bryan got the one with chorizo in it. 

Bryan's nom-lette was gorgeous. Just so fluffy and light, cooked absolutely perfectly! The chorizo was tasty, tasty, tasty! 

My veggie nom-lette though, kinda trumped Bryan's. At least visually. My plate was remarkably structured for an omelette! I loved everything about it. It had an incredibly tasty buttery flavour, without being too oily and absolutely filled with vegetables! 

One thing I also loved, was how..perky and full of life the avocado on top looked. It was so fresh and smooth!

Bryan and I very much enjoyed breakfast at Studio Movida, the place was absolutely humming away the whole time we were there, with many people stopping by just to get takeaway coffees. I'm kinda wondering if I should even be blogging about this place as I'd love to just keep it to myself...but I wouldn't make a very good blogger then would I? ;)

Studio Movida
138 Cotham St
Kew, 3101

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