Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Argos Loves Company

With my penchant for op-shopping these days, I tend to find myself attracted by quirky looking spots, filled with bric-a-brac and cute little bits and pieces. 

Juxtaposed with a clean and simple logo, I couldn't help but be drawn to Argos Loves Company the few times we walked by on Brunswick Street, and wound up in there for breakfast a few weeks later.

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7904_zpsa45ca2e9.jpg

What I didn't realise from the outside is that the 'Argos' of Argos Loves Company is actually from Greek mythology and is the name of Ulysses dog. His story is printed and on display in the cafe and tells of Argos, who waits for his owner for 20 years while he is at war and even when Ulysses returns as a beggar to his home (to disguise himself from his enemies), Argos immediately recognises Ulysses. 

Weak with age, he is unable to go to Ulysses, who instead goes to him, whispers "My dear Argos" to the dog, who then passes in his owners arms. 

Might've nearly cried reading it. Such a sook.

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7846_zpsd715019c.jpg

Fortunately at this cosy little cafe, I'm sure Argos has lots of friends, with it's bright colours and fun details. The cafe also participates in the RSPCA 'Choose Wisely' initiative, and uses RSPCA approved produce, from happy chickens and pigs. 

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7857_zpsebe1e1d8.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7862_zps9992e01d.jpg

I just about squeal with delight as my Prana chai is served to me, on a cute little silver tray and vintage coffee pot. Honestly, the coffee pot pours so well, it makes perfect sense to me to use them for tea, will have to keep an eye out in my op shopping expeditions!

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7864_zps26cf83b5.jpg

The chai is smooth and creamy on the palate, and the honey in the little glass cup is warm and easily pours out without much assistance. Really appreciate little details like that!

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7869_zpsb3a53f55.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7872_zps5f0912dd.jpg

So although Brad is not usually a sweets man himself, he is very thoughtful and as I'm umming and ahhing over the waffles, knowing that I want to try them, but not being able to commit to a full plate, he jumps in and orders them for himself instead. 

I've obviously trained this one well! (Just kidding, love you honey!)

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7889_zps58033114.jpg

The Canadian style waffles come served with very generous dollops of whipped cream, a cup of maple syrup and a few rashers of free range bacon. 

I've noticed that waffles have been sneaking more and more frequently on to brunching menus, and although I have tried a few, I've yet to be fully impressed, even by some of the current cafe heavyweights. 

I was however, incredibly impressed with these modestly sized medallions, and found them delightfully short and bursting with cinnamon flavour. 

Suddenly I found myself wishing I had ordered a plate to myself (and suffered the gluten consequences later in the day).

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7878_zps4f17a903.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7876_zpsf97a0394.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7894_zpse382c881.jpg

I instead opted for the smashed peas on gluten free toast, with generous parmesan shavings, mint and a poached egg. Despite what some of the other bloggers think, who I discovered have a mutual hatred for peas, this was a lovely alternative to the usual smashed avocado, with a much brighter and fresher flavour. I loved the mint intermingling with the sharp rich bites of parmesan. It made me think of Spring. 

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7909_zpsc714e846.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7841_zps98cc2fff.jpg

 photo argos-loves-company-DSC_7850_zps5359ade1.jpg

For a person with 'Ooh-Shiny-Thing' syndrome like me, Argos Loves Company is a treat on the eyes, as I kept looking around, investigating the multitude of crockery and cutlery, books on the shelves and pictures on the wall. It's a fun and playful spot, with food that matches that feel. 

149 Brunswick Street

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  1. I've walked past Argo too, but never tried it. Looks pretty nice - those little waffles are cute!

    1. I think I'm making a stand more recently on making sure I return to places that I walk past that intrigue me! So easy to forget otherwise!

  2. Cute place, Ashley. I'm drooling over those waffles :)

    1. Me too, needing my brunch fix back at home since I've been travelling for the past few weeks...looking forward to a solid soy chai latte :)

  3. YOU. My dear, are the queen of op shopping. And I do like how it leads you to try new interesting cafes at areas you wouldn't necessarily visit if it weren't for the shopping. I need them waffles right nao!

    1. Awww, I think I do awwwriight ;) I think I need them waffles too!!!

  4. 1. Of course those waffles were good. They're Canadian.
    2. As a pea-lover and avocado-disliker, that dish looks awesome.

    1. Maple syrup makes everything win! :)

  5. I drove past and managed to catch a glimpse of it. It's so cute and the name totally appeals to me. Love the presentation of the chai.

    1. Gorgeous isn't it? Love it when they do something a little different to the usual!

  6. The Canadian waffles are making my mouth water and hungry and it's nearly 2am! Ooops... I should be asleep but got jet lag dammmmmn

  7. Don't you love how our other halves are so well tuned with our foodie needs? What a sweetie