Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Boy BBQ

For all the dude food that's popping up around Melbourne, I'm doing a terrible job keeping up with it! 

Take Big Boy BBQ, which has been on the block for a little while now actually (with the third store having recently opened in Richmond), which I only visited a couple of weeks back! 

Brad and I had spent the afternoon running around the city, popping into the Les Miserables exhibition at the state library, before deciding that sustenance was needed. Seriously meaty sustenance.

The cosy Hardware Lane location is low key and relaxed, not overly decked out, although the pictures of all the available meals on the wall are quite drool inducing.

After doing our Asian thing and deducing what would be the best value combination (I'm training him well), Brad and I decide on the 'Wings'n Ribs' , a regular serve of chicken wings with two regular sized sides and half a rack of ribs. We opt to upgrade from lamb to pork ribs.

Woah. Check out that serve! I couldn't believe that was just for two people (or would even be suggested for one!)

The chicken wings, spice rubbed with a barbecue sauce and ranch dressing are delicious. Tender, and full of flavour. Just sumptuous! 

The ribs were quite a bit different to what I was expecting, having been brought up on the ribs from T.G.I Fridays as a kid, which you could easily pull off the bone and tended to be quite fatty and slathered in sauce. 

These were much more meaty and less fatty than most ribs I've had in the past, a gentle blushing pink inside with a serious tan going on outside. I recall smashing through a half serve of ribs no problem in the past, but Big Boy BBQ put out a challenge with it's seriously meat packed ribs! It was a touch drier than I expected it to be, but I enjoyed the lovely smokey aromas and flavours. 

Oh and the BBQ sauces available? Um yum. Totally was mixing it all up together!

And let's not forget sides. Oh my goodness, I was amazed how much I enjoyed the coleslaw with vinegar dressing, which was absolutely the thing to cut through the richness of the meal. The balance in the dressing was just right, a touch of sweet, and a touch of sour, but neither overpowering. 

But really. Honestly. It was all about those onion strings…which is what kind of brought me to Big Boy BBQ in the first place, with other people instagramming pictures of these thin and oh-just-so-crispy battered goodies. I could easily just go to Big Boy BBQ for a large serve of these with some barbecue sauce. So easily! 

By the end of the meal, we had definitely needed the roll of paper towel on the table (so smart), and had a great time really getting hands on with our food. Sure, it's not great first date food, but damn it, it is good. 

Big Boy BBQ
27-31 Hardware Lane
Melbourne 3000

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  1. Hahaha yes! omg I loved the onion strings too, they were incredible!! I tried the brisket burger/roll on my last visit, so might have to head back for those ribs now!