Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finders Keepers

I had noticed Finders Keepers a couple of times before I visited, as it's quite conveniently located right across the road from my favourite op shop (Sacred Heart on Riversdale Road for those of you wondering). 

Cute, cosy, simple branding and a menu that looked tasty and was incredibly reasonably priced. 

So it didn't take long for me to drag Brad down one Saturday morning…(perhaps with the view that I'd get to go op shopping later too…).

The small space is simple and cheery; shelves piled with bread loaves and tea, and cute robin egg blue stools around bread tray tables outside and next to the coffee machine inside. 

My soy chai might've had a wee little too much froth, but if I closed my eyes and just tasted, there was no problem with it all. Brad's coffee was dark and looked gorgeous. 

For breakfast, I opted for 'The Melbourne Favourite', smashed avocado infused with lemon and lime, topped with a charred sweet corn salsa, persian feta and served on toast, usually whole grain, but I requested for gluten free. 

I'll admit, it was a little different to what I was expecting, a pastel green mound rather than the bright green that I'm used to seeing out of an avocado. Assumedly this was due to the cheese that's been smashed through as well. The smashed avocado, served slightly chilled, had a strong citrus flavour, the lemon and lime really coming through. 

I can imagine this being absolutely fantastic in summer, as it was very fresh and zingy, but on the slightly cooler day that it was, it was a touch colder than I would have liked it. Will just have to pop by when it's 30 degrees out to try the dish again and see if my theory proves right!

Whilst I enjoyed my avocado, but didn't find myself infatuated with it, Brad's baked eggs with chorizo in a tomato and capsicum sauce with feta and coriander, absolutely hit the nail on the head. Rich, saucy, warm, with a delightful kick and generous slices of meaty chorizo, it was a classic done very well. Tomatoey aromas filled the space between Brad and I, and instant breakfast envy ensued. 

For me, whilst the food is a very important aspect of eating out, service and hospitality, is certainly another big component for me, and I absolutely loved how friendly everyone was at Finders Keepers. There was quite a bit of pride and love for the cosy little shop, and it was easy to feel like you were in their house, with effortless small talk and smiles abound. 

So look, Finders Keepers didn't tick every single box for me this visit, but I'd still consider it a keeper as I left feeling happy and keen to try something else next time.  Besides, I'd also get to visit my favourite op shop a little more often too…!

Finders Keepers
89 Riversdale Road
Hawthorn 3122

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  1. oh my goodness, smashed avo and charred corn.... SO GOOD!! Might have to make the trip over!!