Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuck Shop Take Away

Although I was a bit of a loser in high school (like seriously, super loser), my primary school days were rocking, especially when I still lived in Hong Kong and had my group of besties that I'd run around the school grounds with, crushing on all the boys (hey there Jonathon…and Joseph…and David…and Daniel…) 

Stepping in to Tuck Shop Take Away, I'm transported back to those primary school days, complete with a chalkboard menu, water fountain/bubbler (whatever you call it) with colourful plastic cups for water, old-school desks, a bunch of other cute and quirky school time memorabilia and some nostalgic American references (mostly in the desserts). It's so adorable.

And then it's manned by two men with serious beards, the juxtaposition is kind of hilarious, and pretty darned hipster. Ah Melbourne.

Despite the name Tuck Shop Take Away, there are actually seats in the joint, although it is somewhat limited. Despite it being a Friday, I was quite surprised that Brad and I could get a seat, although we did get there a bit later in the evening so probably missed the main dinner rush. 

The menu is pretty straight forward, with a couple of burgers on the menu, jaffles, chips and an awesome looking array of milkshakes, sodas and spiders. That and soft serve. Ooooh.

Although it's not written on the menu, they do offer up gluten free buns which I was pleased to hear about, along with the spiel that they bake their own gluten free bread, which intrigues me even more.

Gluten free buns never make burgers very sexy looking…but hell. This is the best burger I've had in recent memory. Maybe even this year. 

You all know how reluctant I am to relinquish the 'best' title on anything...

The Minor Burger, which both Brad and I got, is made from 100% beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, onions, pickles and tuckshop sauce. Simply classic.

It's not often that Brad actually gets even mildly excited about food, but he was definitely 'mmm'-ing away from me and licking his fingers clean as we devoured the juicy and meaty burgers. For me, I just couldn't get over how well the gluten free bun was done. Soft, fluffy, brioche-like, with a subtle sweetness, that just lends itself to the rest of the flavour profile. I loved that with each bite, all the elements just melted into each other into this perfectly tender bite of just right.

I really wish I could breakdown all the elements that make this so good, but I can't, because it's just got to be all together. 

Another thing that Tuck Shop Take Away is doing just right? Those hand cut chips. Hoo boy. A must order in my books. Absolutely golden and fried to crispy perfection. Loved that the skin was left on, providing an extra crunch and a little more flavour.

Oh and Nutella milkshakes the size of my head. My hairdresser may have freaked out when she saw me post it on Instagram as she's planning for me to be in a leather catsuit for the next competition we're doing…but hey…a nutella milshake is not an everyday occurrence I guess...(but maybe it should be...)

Tuck Shop Take Away
273 Hawthorn Road
Caulfield North 3161

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  1. I'm dying for my cleaneating challenge to be over so I can eat ALL THE EVERYTHINGS!

  2. Looks good, its been on my list every since we discovered it. :P

  3. B is for Burger :) (Oh, and SALTED FANTALE MILKSHAKE!!!) Now, if we could just move Caulfield a little closer to me that would be perfect ...

  4. Oh gosh! Looking at the burgers sure made my stomach rumble like a thunderstorm. Hahaha! I'm definitely putting that burger place on my must-visit list. Thank you so much for sharing that! Happy "nom-nom!"

    Laverne Mitchell @ Digital Sales Development