Friday, November 28, 2014


With Melbourne’s never ending thirst for brunch, opening a cafe called ‘Addict’ seems quite fitting, especially in Collingwood, where the hipster, coffee loving culture is abundant. 

Addict is comfortably settled on Johnston Street, just next to Biba Academy. I personally love the location as it’s so easy to park, and the rather generously sized cafe (by today’s standards anyway), faces out with lovely big windows. 

Bright, light and spacious; Addict has plenty of lovely light wood furnishings with a relatively neutral palette, easy on the eye. 

Brad and I perched ourselves on the window side bench (again), and ordered the usual, latte for him (with Padre coffee) and an almond milk chai for me, with one of my favourite chai’s, Prana Chai, which is just about always lovely warm and spicy. I’m still not totally sold on using almond milk in my hot drinks, as it just doesn’t quite reach the consistency I like from soy or regular milk…but hey, I’m happy to continue trying until I find something that works…

I can’t help but observe when I’m out eating, I’m the type to take note of who’s coming in and eavesdropping in on conversations nearby me (I can’t help it)! As I looked around Addict, over time, I couldn’t help notice that there were several tables of two, who were seated after we ordered, who got their meals before us. 

Now, I understand you’re still relatively new, but after waiting around 30 minutes with no sign of our meals coming out, I can’t help but get a little bit cross. Which means I get upset (because I don’t know how to deal with anger), which means I have to look like an idiot when checking in on our meals because I have to hold back from turning into a mini blubbery mess because my blood sugar is low and my tummy is growling like a mofo. 

Hangry. It’s a dangerous condition.

Fortunately, once I did ask the very helpful and friendly staff, our meals came out promptly, and they were delicious. 

My braised quinoa and chickpeas, cooked in a mushroom stock with broccolini, poached eggs, toasted almonds and a rich moho sauce was a feast for the eyes, a hearty mound of gorgeously vibrant colour. This is exactly my kind of vegetable dish, with a lovely earthy richness from the remnants of the mushroom stock and diversity of textures; small beads of quinoa rolling around in the mouth and dense but tender chickpeas to the slightly crunchy and fresh broccolini and crunchy almonds. The moho sauce gave a nice little kick of chilli as well.

Did the yumminess of the dish counter my earlier frustration with how long our meal was taking?

Totally. Totally. Totally.  

Do I want to go back just for this?

Yeah. Over and over again!

Brad’s potato hash and mushroom duxelles, with roasted field mushroom, poached egg and caramelised onion was much, much different to what I expected. Rather than a meaty big breakfast that I thought it would be, it was very elegantly stacked, with a deliciously golden band of potato tempting you in. 

It smelt simply amazing when put down and did not disappoint in flavour either, rich and hearty, comforting too. 

Oh. And hello there yolk porn. Mmhmm. (Wait for it, it's animated!)

I have to say as well, I was very fortunate that the staff at Addict were kind enough to hold on to my lens…which I later that afternoon realised I had left behind and rushed back to pick up! 

So although there were some bumps in our first meeting with Addict, I’m totally keen to return for the array of slightly different flavours and unique and beautiful presentations. Especially after seeing a picture of that coconut and chia superfood stack they’ve got going on…who doesn’t love dessert disgusted as breakfast? 

240 Johnston Street
Collingwood 3065

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  1. oh my... yolk porn... so good! I'm yet to hear anything but glowing reviews about this place, really need to find time to check it out!

  2. I already visited twice in a week!
    Loved the hash and mushroom even though egg was a slight over done.