Friday, October 9, 2015

Hash Specialty Coffee

You know what I find kind of surprising?

On the weekend, in the city, there are actually not very many great brunch spots. Sure, every corner of the city has a good one, your Hardware Societe, the Grain Store, Operator 25, Bowery to Williamsburg…but what else? Lots of the cafes close on the weekends in the CBD (understandably though!)

So it’s always nice to have new and interesting additions to the weekend brunching scene in the city. 

Hash Speciality Coffee has picked a pretty ballsy, or smart position to be in (whichever way you want to look at it), just a few doors down from heavyweight Hardware Societe. It’s got a quirky interior going on, bit more dark and brooding, with lots of timber to contrast, and fun little additions like slanted bookshelves (used for coffee displays) and a great big retro hashtag sign. 

Brad and I luck out getting a seat right away on a communal table, as shortly after the place fills out!

Sparkling water is the house water here, and the menu reads a treat. 

But really, the reason we are here is because I’ve seen this hot chocolate everywhere on Instagram…and it was much too fun not to order. Mork hot chocolate, served next to a mug full of fairy floss. Too. Much. Fun.

There’s certainly an art to pouring the hot chocolate over your fairy floss to make it collapse neatly into your mug…which for some reason uncoordinated me managed to pull off! Once the fairy floss has completely melted into the hot chocolate (which happens pretty quickly), you’re left with a surprisingly thick and delicious beverage. I honestly was surprised it wasn’t as sweet as I expected, sure it was sweet, but not disgustingly sugary…even with all that fairy floss!

The menu is interesting, with lots of interesting options for breakfast. I opt for the leek and cheddar croquettes, cauliflower puree, ham hock, cavolo nero and a turmeric poached egg…because who doesn’t like golden fried croquettes for breakfast? 

This was hearty, and nice and filling, however, I felt like the croquettes were lacking a bit in flavour for me, they had the texture, but I wasn’t getting the sweetness of the leeks and the utter cheesiness you would hope if it’s filled with cheddar. The ham hock gave it a nice punch of salty to the plate though! Perhaps my biggest issue with this dish might have been the lack of variation in the dish, it was a lot of big richer flavours, which all kind of melded into each other, flavour and texture-wise, so there wasn’t a highlight for me, no sharpness or acidity to break through. 

Brad got the smashed peas and glazed bacon, smashed peas, mint with glazed bacon pieces, potato hash, a poached egg and smoky aioli. Again beautifully plated, and a hearty little meal, the portion size is on the smaller side, however, being the type of food it is, it leaves you very comfortable satiated. Loved them bacon pieces. 

Overall, Hash Specialty Coffee is a solid offering for the weekend. Although I do have some criticisms on my dish, it still was pretty good and tasty. The staff are a little inattentive at times, and it can be hard to wave someone down, but really, where are you rushing off to on a Saturday morning now?

Hash Specialty Coffee
113 Hardware Street
Melbourne 3000

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