Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fifteen Pounds

Anyone else been looking at property recently? Although Brad and I haven’t been completely immersed in it, we’ve been relatively active since the start of the year on the real estate websites checking out what’s around and educating ourselves on pricing.

Regardless if you or you haven’t, I’m sure we can all agree…property prices are kind of ridiculous. And Brad and I aren’t even looking at houses! We can only really afford an apartment at the moment…maybe….

In looking at property, we wound up in Fairfield one weekend, bringing mum out to look at an apartment we were relatively interested in, before trialling out the neighbourhood and grabbing brunch at a nearby cafe. 

Fifteen Pounds is somewhere I would be more than happy to end up most weekends. They were fully pumping inside, but the sun was out and we were comfortable out front. Good looking coffee, and deeply coloured and rich chai latte which I loved. 

But man, the food. The food I was surprisingly impressed by, more than I thought. It’s all the things I’m familiar with, but just bursting with flavour but also so comforting. 

Brad got the baked beans with poached eggs, which had the sweetness of the tomato but was also beautifully seasoned to have a lot of depth in flavour. Hearty, and not just one note flavour (as tomato based things can do). 

Mum and I got the mushrooms to share, with grilled, roasted, dehydrated and fresh mushrooms with pickled zucchini, poached eggs, dill, celeriac and truffle puree. 

Seriously. What magic was this? I loved the variety of mushrooms, and again, the unexpected complexity of flavour. The dehydrated mushroom was potent with umami, really raising the flavour of all the other mushrooms. It was just all so delightfully moreish. 

So we didn’t get the apartment this time around, but would it be wrong to start looking specifically for apartments around certain cafes…? 

Fifteen Pounds
21-23 Railway Place

Fifteen Pounds Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. That brunch looks excellent! We have been looking heaps at property since late last year, and yeah mostly looking at one-bedroom apartments, because that's what we can afford! We even made a couple of offers (but wasn't successful). It's been an interesting learning experience so far. Wishing you good luck with your search. :)