Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long between posts, but after 7 years of doing this I think I just ran out of steam at the end of last year. Work was taking over, the time and love I had to dedicate to editing and writing was disappearing, and honestly, I’m sometimes a bit jaded with the direction food blogging has taken. 

Don’t get me wrong, still loving the food, still loving the photos, still loving the people…just needed an impromptu hiatus. 

But I’m coming back and working towards a little more of a slow and steady pace, to rebuild the love I know I still have. Also helps that I’ve watched all the episodes of Mythbusters on Netflix as well so I’m out of things to do when I do have an evening free now…

So. A while ago Brad and I popped into Mukka on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. It won The Age Good Food’s cheap eats award last year, and after visiting - deservedly so! 

 photo mukka-fitzroy-DSC_2589_zpsioxd0zht.jpg

Indian food is something I find myself craving more and more recently, it’s just so comforting, but yet so exciting at the same time with so many vibrant flavours - and often at a price point that the wallet can regularly agree with.

Mukka is a cosy little spot, which feels right at home in the neighbourhood with distressed brick walls, paired with pops of colour. 

 photo mukka-fitzroy-DSC_2599_zpsyd9x7ca4.jpg

First bit of business at Mukka? Obviously getting a masala chai, which did not disappoint, beautifully brewed in the traditional Indian way. It had a nice little spice kick - definitely not your sweet powdered gunk!

 photo mukka-fitzroy-DSC_2603_zpsddsf1buz.jpg

We ordered a dosa to share, which is one of my favourite Indian dishes - I usually pick at the ‘pancake’ component of the dosa before diving into the filling - I think we got ‘The Classic’ with cured potatoes but don’t quote me on that. Although I enjoyed the dosa, I usually like my dosa a little browner/cooked, so that I have crispy edges to pick at. But I guess that’s just a small personal preference. 

 photo mukka-fitzroy-DSC_2613_zpsbvsfxdjr.jpg

What I really, really, really loved at Mukka though, was their butter chicken. Oh my goodness. I think Brad and I visited Mukka well over 6 months ago but I still tell people about this butter chicken. The gravy is so rich, thick and perfect for pouring all over your rice. But what I really love is the chicken that tastes like its had a quick session in the tandoor, so that it has a nice bit of grilled, kind of charred flavour to it, which really for me, kicks the flavour profile of this dish to the next level. Delicious. 

 photo mukka-fitzroy-DSC_2609_zpskvtblitj.jpg

The biryani serve is also generous, and vibrantly flavoured. Plenty of spices kicking around in there. 

Although my Indian cravings are usually when I’m out at Brad’s in Gembrook (I know. It’s a little weird), so happy to have Mukka for those days when I need it a bit closer to home, serving simply hearty dishes in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 

365 Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC 3065

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