Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hellenic Hotel

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restaurant. All opinions are my own

The night before I went to Hellenic Hotel, I drank too much, and stayed out far too late. There were plenty of regrets the next day. I was so terribly hungover, that I was almost worried I wouldn’t survive the drive out to Williamstown, despite drinking about four litres of water throughout the day and sleeping for half the afternoon too.

Fortunately, the night of Hellenic Hotel negated plenty of the night before - and no regrets were had!

Hellenic Hotel has comfortably nestled into it’s spot in Williamstown, recently celebrating it’s two year birthday - and as always - I’m surprised I haven’t been by sooner! The casual,  contemporary and delicious Greek eatery found an unexpected home in the former 106 year old Hobsons Bay Hotel, where they’ve retained a lot of the structure and facade on the outside, but step in and the space is totally transformed. Totally painted white, with graphic applications of bright blue - evoking imagery of beach side Greece (appropriately), tables clustered cosily but not so that you’re on top of the diners around you.

I want to eat everything on this menu, with small things to share, big things to share or individual souva’s if you’re in the mood for something all by yourself - there’s something for everyone.

But start with the grilled saganaki with peppered figs, because who doesn’t like hot cheese? I adore the sweet and savoury play on this dish, with the figs bubbling away on arrival, gorgeously caramelised and so delicious.

I had just mentioned to Brad on the drive over how long it had been since I had fish and chips, so when I saw the Fisherman’s basket with fish, calamari, prawns, mussels and chips...well that just ticked the box perfectly. One thing I do love that Hellenic Hotel gets so right, are their perfectly golden and crunchy chips. Potatoes are forever my downfall.

Another dish I’ve always said I love to eat, but would never make at home, is moussaka. So Mary’s moussaka (George’s mother own recipe) with braised beef and lamb with eggplant, potato and bechamel, was another must order for me. And boy did it hit the spot - it’s exactly what you would hope for, rich, creamy and heart warming.

I don’t often do a big call out for the sides, but the beans with almonds, garlic, and herb butter really hit the spot for me! Could’ve happily eaten just a couple of serves of this with some chips!

The pace of the night was great - service was on point, attentive and so friendly. I was also so impressed they recognised me on my second visit! The vibe and atmosphere the whole night was so welcoming, as the restaurant filled through the evening, a nice little buzz and hubbub of activity built. We did get left a little long on our own towards the end of the night, but could see how busy the guys were!

We had already eaten so much...but we of course had to try out dessert as well!

The guys were sweet enough to make a mini version of their Yo-Chi ice cream sundae, made with frozen yoghurt goodness from Yo-Chi of course. The flavour changes week to week, and when I heard it was peanut butter, with caramel and peanut butter cups...well what’s not to love?

We also, couldn’t resist the HH pavlova, which is exclusive to the Williamstown location and comes out loaded with seasonal fruit.

The pavlova is seriously huge, and perfect for sharing if you’re with a group...or just a fatty like me. It’s so good.

I just overall loved the atmosphere at Hellenic Hotel, it was much more unpretentious than I had thought it might be, and I found it so inviting, and exactly the type of place I would bring my family to for a relaxed shared meal...which is exactly what I did a month later for mum’s birthday (where we were all equally blown away by the perfectly golden crispy chips)!

28 Ferguson St
Williamstown 3016

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