Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye March!

So yeah, I know I've already posted about Hardware Societe like, every month but y'know. I really enjoy the place. And this is my food blog about what I eat, I don't have to show you guys a new place every time do I?

And hey! I really enjoyed my meal today! It also looks super pretty in the photos I took!

I was totally planning on coming in on Friday, but am glad I popped in today I totally forgot this weekend is Easter already and everything will be closed! Do you all have some awesome plans? You better all be stuffing your faces with chocolate!

My usual chamomile tea, I hadn't gotten the yellow tea cosy in a while, so I requested for it. :] Aren't the easter egg and easter chick adorable?

The special of the day and my meal! Cinnamon-ed quail on quinoa, currants, pine nuts, coriander and some carrots (if I remember correctly!) Totally filling and very delicious. I noticed other people on other tables checking my plate out before ordering it for themselves!

David's (I always do drag him along on my expeditions) meal, Rabbit (forgot what it was memory is shocking. I need to take photos of the menus next time...) with lentils, baby carrots and turnips. Loved this as well, the rabbit has been confit first, so it's super tender. Apparently a new entry on the menu...hopefully this will still be around as it gets a bit colder, I could imagine this being just perfect as the temperature drops....

As David had a short lunch break today, we gobbled up our desserts very quickly. But of course, they were so tasty as well, it's kind of hard not to!

Raspberry macaroon, still probably one of the best you'll get in Melbourne. I'm pretty sure I eat enough macaroons to have some idea!

My eyes totally jumped to the tray of these little goodies when I walked in initially. Can you imagine what a whole tray of these look like?! I love the size, really huge creamy eclairs don't appeal to me, but this is just the right size. Nice and light, I enjoy not feeling too guilty after my desserts! (Although I still did have the strawberry vanilla cheesecake last time...all by myself!)

So yes, I'm here every week pretty much. And I suggest you all are too, the daily changing specials adds more than enough variety and even the menu was changed up quite recently!

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St, Melbourne

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Council House 2

So I had I think I can use term 'date' here? I'm not very familiar with the word...

But regardless. I met up with a great guy with the intention of getting some dinner, maybe seeing a comedy show and going to Robot bar.

Do any of you have the problem as being the known 'foodie' person, people depend on you to recommend places to eat?

Now see, I don't mind it, at all, but I'm always a little uncertain if it's with a person I don't know so well about their budget and I know I have some friends who find my eating habits a little bit richer than they would like....

But anyway, I made my suggestions, and we decided on Council House 2 since I hadn't been there before.

For those who may not have noticed this amazing building in the city, the Council House 2 is a building that is designed to lead the way in development of a holistic green environment. It not only is designed to conserve energy and water, but also to improve the wellbeing of it's occupants. (Yes I am just reeling off the website here, so you may as well read about it yourself here. It is interesting though!)

Being a nice cool evening, we opted to sit outside, but what I did see of the interior is very funky and warming, lots of wood and nice dim atmospheric lighting.

We both opted for fish dishes, I got the grilled flouder, with capers and lemon and he, your good ol' battered fish and chips.

Whilst I forgot to ask how he had enjoyed his meal, I did finish all of mine and quite enjoyed it. Although the fish might've been over cooked just that little bit, but that's just me being picky.

I'm not sure if CH2 is a place I would rave over and insist on bringing everyone to, but it's still a nice place and I wouldn't mind checking it out during lunch time one of these days. And hey, who doesn't like knowing that they're eating at a place that focuses on local produce and reducing their carbon footprint? Talk about feeding your good conscience!

218-240 Little Collins St
9639 7778

Monday, March 29, 2010

Just a spot of tea and cake...Chez Olivier

Met up with one of my best girl friends, Miss C, who I hadn't seen for ages, for coffee (or in my case tea, I have enough energy as is already!) over the weekend.

We decided to go to Chez Olivier, since we hadn't been there in a while and it was a place that the both of us used to love making regular trips to.

Who wouldn't love adorable french waiters chattering away in their dreamy accent?!

I got there first so plopped myself in the window with a cup of peppermint tea. I noticed that they upgraded their tea-ware. They used to have these charming rustic metal pots, but now they're replaced with a very elegant glass teapot. I am in love with the glass though, isn't it just darling?!

When Miss C arrived she ordered a Mocha and we then both decided to indulge a little...

...and have a tarte tartin!

Usually the tarte tartin's at Chez Olivier are to die for, as they were this time, although I have gone occasionally and had one I thought wasn't as good. So it's a shame it's a little inconsistent, but this time it was just so soft and sweet...the apples were just to die for. I love the soft mushy texture, with the ice-cream, just perfect.

121 Greville St
9525 2273

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Golden Dragon Palace

Sooo, this post is like a week late. But better late than never no?

So I don't usually like to go out to eat Chinese food. Probably cause I get really great Chinese home cooked food anyway. So why should I go out and buy it?

But every now and again, I just get massive cravings for yum cha. The steamed or fried dumpling goodness is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. So went to my favourite yum cha place with my family last weekend. I love it because the food is good, the atmosphere makes you feel like you're in Hong Kong and it's just all very authentic.

I'm not really going to go through and describe everything we had, as we really ate a LOT, but just enjoy the pictures and do know that the food is awesome. I typically refuse to have yum cha anywhere else in Melbourne!

Beef tendons are a favourite of mine...

Possibly my favourite thing to have at yum cha...deep fried yam...something. I'm really not sure how to describe it.

363 Manningham Rd
Templestowe Lower
9852 4087

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exploring Crossley St

After going to Gingerboy the other day, I seem to have a new found fondness for Crossley St.

Went to the gym on Sunday then decided I would pop into Von Haus, an adorable little place I had been to last year but since then, haven't been able to make a trip back!

I just adore how inconspicuous the street is, would you ever expect to find some of the cutest cafes and shops down a street like this? I love bringing non-locals around Melbourne to streets like this and just surprising them by randomly walking into a door.

Just so gorgeous, it almost feels like you're in someone's house. Whilst I really liked the cafes I've been going to the past couple of days, this one really is nice because noise doesn't seem to build in here. There's very gentle chilled out music playing and you can really quietly enjoy a book here.

David ended up deciding to join me before checking out some new property and decided to get the ham sandwich.

And even though it was still warm and a bit muggy, I opted for the cream of vegetable soup, which I suspect they blended all right there and then! It took a while to come out was totally worth it, I love creamy, chunky...just hearty soups.

The plates are sooo cute.

After Von Haus, we sauntered on down the laneway to a little bakery I had spied the last time we were at Gingerboy, but alas, I had had no money so could not buy anything to sample! I was ready this time though!

The macaroon space wallpaper just kills me, it's so adorable !

So I pinched a candied grapefruit and a strawberry macaroon. The candied grapefruit surprised me greatly, as it wasn't as sugary as I was expecting to it (which is a good thing!) and wasn't as gritty as I expected it to be. The cream in the macaroon was just divine. Who can go too wrong with a delicious looking macaroon though?

Baker D Chirico in Crossley St is a pop up of the one in St Kilda and whilst serving a whole lot of sweets including macaroons, tarts and croissants, also has roast beef baguette sandwiches and loaves of bread to bring home. I was personally eyeing the cornbread, but decided against it...this time anyway.

I just read that this pop-up store was supposed to close December 24th...but it hasn't who knows when it will...get in there while you can kids!

Von Haus
1A Crossley St, Melbourne
9662 2765

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Baker D. Chirico Pop-Up
24 Crossley St, Melbourne
9639 1624

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More ponies! - Snow Pony

Hmm, Golden Palomino a few weeks ago and Snow Pony today, go figure.

But hey, I love them both.

Mum's really been in the mood for cafe's for lunch lately, so naturally I was more than happy to accommodate her with her ideas.

We both had a make-up thing on today where we got to have our make up done up for a pretty low price, and then of course they try to sell the make up to us later. Mum had hers in the morning, I had mine in the afternoon, so we met midway at lunchtime at a cafe inbetween home and the event!

Which happened to be Snow Pony!

(Look at this yellow trend going on...I love it!)

Snow Pony's really very cute, and although it looks small from the front, that is absolutely HEAPS of sitting space out the back! There's a bunch of tables for 2-3 people and then out back there's a lovely small little courtyard with 2 big round tables for bigger groups. Unfortunately it was a bit warm and humid today, therefore decided to stay indoors where it was more comfortable. Definitely interested in coming back on a cool winter day though and curling up with something nice and warm outside.

Again, opted for my chai latte. A bit too milky, but still just enough flavour to scrape by. Mum's latte looked pretty though.

Mum helped me decide on getting the baked figs with goat cheese and prosciutto, with tomatoes, basil and 12 year old aged balsamic on the side.

What can I say but. DELICIOUS. It's currently the last lot of figs for the season and my goodness aren't they just the sweetest little things. Matched with the bite of the goat cheese and saltiness of the prosciutto, it just all worked together so beautifully.

And I just adore tomatoes, nothing else needs to be said there.

Mum got a smoked salmon salad, with lots of rocket (obviously!), beets and capers. Loved the beetroot, really well cooked through and so sweet! I'm always enamoured with the colour it leaves long as it doesn't stain my clothes!

I had heard some mixed reviews for Snow Pony initially, but I'm glad I've had a good experience. I was eyeing some fruit toast that had been served on the table next to us and so would love to come back to try that next time..

95 Whitehorse Rd
9816 8911

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Baa Baa....Three Bags Full.

After being to Liar Liar, I wanted to check out their new cafe, Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, after reading about it everywhere and having David walk by and gush about hos cute the place looked!

So off mum and I trotted one lunch to check it out.

Something I've kinda noticed with a lot of these new cafes I've quite that they all have yellow furniture. Which I just enjoy, because yellow is my favourite colour. I suppose it's just a lovely bright cheery colour, and how can you go wrong with that?!

The furniture seems to be made out of old signs, giving it a funky industrial feel, but the inside also has the warmth of wood, and some rather pretty photos hanging the wall, creating a nice juxtaposition.

So I read somewhere that Three Bags Full does one of the best Chai Latte's and in my mission to find the best in Melbourne, I naturally had to try it. I opted to get it with soy milk, since they offered and so far, it's definetly probably the best Chai latte I've had. Herby, but not bitter and with a nice warm bite in the back of the throat. Not too sweet either (although I personally have nothing against sweet Chai Latte's. Not yet anyway).

Since mum couldn't find the place and ended up in the wrong suburb, I ordered for the both of was timed so well that literally, 2 minutes after she sat down, the food came out onto our table. Aren't I good?

So I decided to get the cauliflower fritters with cheese and tzatziki (or raita? I forget) and the stuffed portobello mushrooms (sorry forgot what was in them! ;x)

The mushrooms were delicious, but how can you really go wrong when you have beaaautiful portobello's? Very filling as well.

The cauliflower fritters were nice, but a bit weak in actual cauliflower flavour for me. I didn't taste as much of the vegetable as I think I should've, was a bit too flour-y for my tastes.

Overall, quite liked the place, am quite keen to find when a quiet time is and go with my book and settle down for a quiet afternoon with a chai latte.

Corner Nicholson & Mollison St
9421 2732

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