Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

What can I say? Long name be long!

It tickles me a bit at how...straightforward places like these are in Malaysia, and other asian countries I suppose too, but since I'm here in Malaysia I'm just going to go with that for now. Can you imagine the owner thinking 'What am I going to call this restaurant? It's new and we serve chicken from Ipoh. Oh perfect! I'll call it exactly what it is!'

Although now, considering this branch in Petaling Jaya has been opened since 1977, it's hardly new anymore. Doesn't mean it's dead though.

This was dad's choice of restaurant for dinner and he claims he comes here just about everytime he's back in KL.

Coming back to the topic of straight-forwardness, I find there's a certain curiosity about these places with their blatantly obvious names and ridiculously stark bright lights. I remember while talking to a local graphic designer once, that the market here was tough, as no one liked subtlety or was open to do doing new interesting things to market or advertise their products and services. To most people it seems, the obvious statement is the best marketing statement. Quite different to the western world isn't it?

So although the place was stark bright and noisy, the noisness gives one a sense of comfort, it makes the place bustle with activity and hey, it surely is. Within 10 minutes of ordering I'm pretty sure we got almost all our food, save our seafood tofu which they forgot about. But then brought out in 5 minutes after enquiring about it. That's definetly one thing I love about eating local in Malaysia.

From the front to the back, boneless chicken feet, chicken gizzards and intestines.

As you will discover, I am incredibly fond of the offal. I got it from my dad. I don't usually eat chicken feet though, my biggest reason simply being, I'm far too lazy to pick out all the bones. But this dish solved that problem and I elated in discovering how delicious it was.

Too bad I am still too lazy to otherwise pick out the bones.

The main attraction and namesake of the restaurant, their Ipoh chicken! Which is actually hainanese chicken for those who are looking at it and thinking 'that looks awfully familiar...'

Was very tasty though. The relatives were skeptical as to whether we did actually get two whole chickens though...

And of course gotta stock up on veggies. These beanshoots were delicious though, so crunchy and sweet! Apparently these beanshoots are from a specific area in Ipoh, where the spring water is responsible for the plumpness and gorgeous texture.

I'm not...entirely sure what this is. My dad tells me it's 'underwater coconut' with longan.

Whatever it was though, it was sweet and syrupy. Warm too, which was actually very nice.

Between the 8 of us that were there, we cleaned up all the dishes completely. Gotta love asian shared style eating.

I leave you with this very amusing menu item that had me laughing for ages. Say it out loud. I dare you to, it just sounds ridiculous to order.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
No. 107 Jalan Gasing 10/1
46000 Petaling Jaya

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