Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Dine For

Rather behind in my updating...been a very hectic couple of days!

So a couple nights ago, my Dad, grandma and I caught up with some family friends from Melbourne who also happened to be visiting KL and one of dad's childhood friends. The son recommends this Thai place near our hotel. I always like eating close by...travelling for dinner in Malaysia can be such a trial...traffic kills me...

So we all trooped to 'To Dine For', which I found a rather amusing name for a thai ceratinly doesn't lend itself to make one think of Thai food.

We got to have a lovely little private room, the decor was classy, a bit somber but charming as well. I loved the plates, aren't they a gorgeous colour?

We started off with Mieng Kam, which I had never eaten before, but think I will definetly be eating more of now whenever I come across it now! Basically one makes a cone with the leaf (I believe they are called Betel leaves) and puts a little bit of all the condiments in and tops it off with the sauce. It's such a mix of flavours, the bitterness of the leaf, the tang of the lime, spice of the get the idea. I always enjoy light appetizers.

Fish cakes of course.

Forgot what the dish was called...but it's essentially deep fried veggies with a sauce on the side. It's very much like tempura, but the batter is much lighter than tempura. The deep fried betel leaf was probably my favourite of the lot.

I LOVE catfish salads.

Stir fried eggplant with basil and something else...haha, my descriptions are rather lacking tonight no?

Deep fried grouper

We also had a chicken dish, a few other veggies and a tofu dish. Was a bit shy to get the camera out too much with all the guests we had!

I didn't really realise how much I really do enjoy good Thai food, it's not usually something I crave for and I very much enjoyed this to find a Thai place back in Melbourne...

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