Monday, April 12, 2010

Proud Mary

So picked up my mother from the airport last Thursday and on the way home, she complained about not having slept very well and needing some food.

So of course, the only remedy for this is eggs.

Since I had not taken her to Proud Mary's yet, that's where we popped down to (and also because I had been there once but had not had the opportunity to try their chai latte yet...)

So if you're a coffee connoisseur and haven't heard of or been to Proud Mary's yet, COME OUT FROM UNDER YOUR ROCK.

I have a friend who when he is back in Melbourne, will drive down from Sandringham to Collingwood, just to go to Proud Mary's for the coffee. And usually breakfast as well I suppose. But mainly for the coffee. And he's quite the coffee snob. And actually is supposed to update this blog with posts from Sydney...but what can you do.

I love how the plate matches my mum's nails! She quite enjoyed her coffee and even as a non coffee drinker, I could certainly appreciate how beautifully smooth the milk looked. I've also had the opportunity in the past to try their syphoned coffee, which is just delicious and aromatic. They do different blends and the barrister comes over and explains exactly how he brewed it for you. (Or maybe he might not if it's busy I suppose, but it was a nice touch!)

I got my chai latte...just look at that milk. So beautifully smooth. Wouldn't have minded a stronger chai flavour, but otherwise still very nicely done.

Since I already had had breakfast, we decided mum would order something and I would just nibble on it a little bit...

And this marvellous bowl rolled on out. Baked eggs with sausages...oh my goodness. It was so delicious, the sauce was just a beautiful consistency, not too watery and the sausages really added to the wholesome nature of the dish.

The colour just sucks me in too, such a deep red!

So next time you're going along Smith St, take a small diversion and treat yourself to some damn good coffee, or if you're like me and that's not so much your thing, the single estate teas are amazing as well.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford St
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