Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A taste of Sydney...at Four Ate Five.

Would you believe me if I said over the weekend I rampaged around town as a zombie and randomly broke into Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' dance in public areas in Sydney?

Well I did and it was fabulous! I'll have some videos up soon!

But of course, being in Sydney, I had to try some of the fare up that way.

Having had been on a very early morning flight, David, Mr A and Mr S (who very kindly picked us up) agreed with me when I was decidedly very vocal on getting eggs.

We turned up at Surrey Hills, noticed this cute lil cafe that had tarts in the window, which sucked in David and therefore found us in the cafe.

We stole an amaazing seat right by the window, which somehow managed to squeeze the 4 of us in.

I was very smitten with the coffee art, look how fine those ferns are!

Not being a caffeine fiend myself, I opted for the fresh peppermint tea, just like how I used to have it all the time back in Dusseldorf! Oh nostalgia....but what was different about this peppermint tea is that...

It came with a honey gun. I completely freaked out. A gun that shoots perfect amounts of honey into cups of tea and coffee? I very highly approve.

We all opted for variations of the free range eggs, all the boys got fried eggs...

And I got poached eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms (although the mushrooms ended up on David's plate for some reason...). A really good and wholesome brunch, Mr S got some haloumi as a side and that was just divine!

We were pretty quick with finishing up our eggs!

And don't forget to watch your step on the way out!

Somewhere in Surrey Hills. Sorry I don't know Sydney that well!

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