Sunday, October 28, 2012

Canberra Human Brochure Snippet

I was invited to join the Human Brochure campaign by Porter Novelli PR. My trip was complimentary, like all the other humans.

Hey guys! You might have noticed over the past weekend that I might have been filling up your twitter feed with "#humanbrochure" tweets/instagrams, whatever you might follow me on. I'm trying to cover it all!

I've basically spent the last couple of days in Canberra, where I was invited to join the first ever "Human Brochure" campaign, which is a rather fascinating campaign that ACT Tourism is running. 500 people over two's pretty ambitious! 

But it's been an absolutely packed out weekend of amazing (and hilarious) people, beautiful settings, great food, amazingly awesome wine and I'm frankly quite exhausted. I don't think eating and drinking has ever worn me out so much! So hopefully I'll catch up sharing my experiences over the next week or two! 

In the meantime, if you are curious do check out the Human Brochure website and see what the other 250 humans got up to over the weekend as well!