Monday, October 22, 2012

Rita's Cafeteria

It's not all that often my mum will be interested in going out somewhere to eat these days, or checking out somewhere so specifically. Both she and dad, since they are both excellent cooks, much prefer how much cheaper it is to cook at home. 

But, when something does pique my mum's interest, I'm more than happy to stoke her curiosity!

So on one of the first day's in September, where a promise of summer was in the air and my legs were bare for the first time in quite a while (ooh la la!), we popped down to Rita's Cafeteria for a spot of pizza. 

The cafeteria swirled in aromas of cheese and baked bread as you stepped in, I happened to be in one of those 'hangry' food blogger moods (as recently brought up by Poppet's Window), and the smell just drove me wild!

Rita's has got that kind of chic-pizzeria look a lot of new places seem to have these days. Clean white kitchen tiles, warm wood everywhere else. It's got that clean but rustic and homely feel. 

They happened to be out of gluten free bases (this seems to be happening so often these days…), so we just opted for a regular pizza. 

We got the mushroom offering, in the medium size I think (whatever is the smaller of the two offerings), and ah, there was a hint of truffle oil which just drove the senses mad. 

I loved how cheesy it was, with the cheese stretching around all over the place and the toppings were great, fresh and quite abundant. I think I found the base a little firmer than I'm used to, not something I minded, but just something a bit different. 

One other thing I loved was the portion size. The pizza (which I think was 11 inches maybe?), was cut into quarters, meaning that mum and I got to have two slices each and we were quite comfortable after that. So for a guy, maybe a large pizza might be the way to go, but for a girl's lunch out, medium is a perfectly appropriate size to be naughty, but in moderation. 

Oh a whole, I quit enjoyed the light and bright vibe Rita's had at lunch. I look forward to popping by again to try out the gluten free offering, provided it's in this time! 

Rita's Cafeteria
239 Johnston Street

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  1. Replies
    1. It is quite! :) You'll have to try it for yourself sometime!

  2. Hiya, just curious whether you've tried the Johnston Street Milk Bar across the road from there by any chance? Cheers :)

    1. Hey! I've always looked at it when driving past but haven't taken the time to pop in yet! What do they do good? Any recommendations? :)

  3. They are pizza specialists but do brekkie, coffee and a couple of other things. I only get there for the pizza. The minimalist pizza lover in me prefers the Vegetarian 'Stinger' captioned "not as hot as we can make it". Sometimes I go the 'Punkin' As' (pumpkin. The ex-meat lover in me has drooled over 'The Clogger' when my friends order it :)
    Pretty interesting names. They have a menu on their FB page now. Awesome blog by the way!

    1. My mouth is watering! Those all sound quite excellent, will go mosey on to the FB page and see what I might order for myself... :)

      And thank you very much! :)