Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Norma Loves Joe

Although many often go out to be entertained, it’s nice to go somewhere occasionally where it just feels like it could be home. 

Norma Loves Joe is a bit like that. 

You walk in, and you can tell that there’s been a woman’s touch (or a few), with various elements looking like they’ve popped straight out of a lifestyle magazine. Neutral tones, with curated and thoughtful pops of colour, a mix of tiles used on different surfaces that still all work together, artsy light fixtures and the cheery flower arrangement on the table of the most lush blues and purple. So cute, and so sweet.

I also simply adore these Roy Lichenstein-esque pop out pictures out in the back room. So sassy!

As we sit at a table by the entrance, I can’t help but notice the cheerful banter and upbeat smiles that every customer gets, not a dour face in sight. 

Our usual suspects are smooth, creamy and delicious. More please!

The brunch menu is a treat to read, not too long, but with lots of variety. Although sorely tempted by Norma’s red velvet waffles, I settle on the exact opposite, the Super Salad with brown rice, fresh, roasted sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, toasted seeds and lemon hummus. Phew! That’s a lot of veg, but delicious ones at that! Earthy, but fresh and clean, the lemon hummus added a surprise burst of vibrancy, which lifted the dish for me. Lovely!

Brad’s breakfast quesadillas were stuffed with creamy scrambled eggs, spinach and black beans, and a touch of stretchy cheese. A lovely and hearty way to start the day, Brad scoffed these down in no time at all. 

Brad and I enjoyed our breakfasts, wholesome and delicious, and the kind of place where I could easily see myself sinking into the cushion behind me with a book and disappearing elsewhere in my mind for an hour or two…

Norma Loves Joe
239 Whitehouse Road
Balwyn 3103

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