Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silks - Lunar New Year Celebration

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of the restuarant

Two Chinese New year posts in, and we’re still not quite done! Did you know that Chinese New Year doesn’t traditionally last just one day? It’s actually a ten day affair, so the kids have plenty of time to collect from all the friends and relatives (or maybe that’s more so now…) 

Crown always puts on a spectacular show for Chinese New Year, decking out the place in red, and with a fabulous Atrium display that will be running until the 28th of February, on the night we popped by they had lion and dragon dances, and a bit of a drumming performance in the Atrium as well, which was all very exciting!

Silks always puts on a fabulous Chinese New Year banquet as well, which we got to sample. Having visited last year for the Mid-Autumn festival celebrations, I was very excited to be walking through the sophisticated restaurant, with it’s absolutely stunning and somewhat zen interiors. And this time, we got to eat in the private dining ‘tent’! Very fabulous.

We started with a range of dumplings, from sweet and delectable stuffed king crab claws, to the pan-fried lamb bun absolutely stuffed with meat, to the beautiful Xiao Long Bao with smooth and slippery skin, which was very generous on the filling as well. 

Steamed dumplings are a slightly unusual at dinner time, but I’m not complaining! I particularly enjoyed the steamed scallop siew am topped with just a little bit of black truffle for that extra bit of luxuriousness. 

The duck ravioli in duck consommé, was beautiful and clean in it’s flavours, the ravioli pastry delicate, and the consume had a very delightful and unexpected chilli kick which just balanced out the whole dish for me. 

The steamed Patagonian Toothfish with sweet soy sauce just melted in the mouth, so sweet and so smooth. 

And just when we were about to burst of fullness, Silks brings out their wagyu beef with black pepper sauce (also liberally topped with garlic chips, swoon!) and we suddenly all have just a little bit more space. Tender, perfectly seasoned, peppery, and plenty of garlic which I love, paired up with bright and vibrant vegetables with still a bit of crunch in contrast to the juicy beef. Good times, happy tummies. 

I was a little worried that if we had a dessert course, I would actually explode at this point, but Silks had already considered this and capped the night off quickly and sweetly with these adorable mini cones of mango pudding gelato. So refreshing and sweet, and just the thing to satiate the sweet tooth and end a beautiful meal on a high note. 

Crown Tower 
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank 3006

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