Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Little Temper

Sometimes a lot of little things all together make a place just right. 

It took me a while to get around to visiting Little Temper in Hawthorn, as I hadn’t heard much about it, and hadn’t known of anyone who visited. 

But once I arrived, I wish I had visited much sooner! The cosy little space fits a nice scoopful of people, and although small, there’s plenty of colour and personality in the space, from the multi-coloured coffee cups to the striped counters and the blue counter next to the window that looks stunning in photos. 

We popped ourselves at the counter, and watched the rain bash down, as two dapperly dressed men sipped on their espressos and smoked their cigarettes on the outside tables. 

Lately, I feel like Prana Chai can be very hit and miss, with some cafes just not giving it the love it needs to really get the fullest flavour out of it. At Little Temper, they just worked magic with it, warm and creamy and stunningly rich in flavour, nice and spicy. I loved the mug they served it in too, so cute and huggable, just right for a rainy day. 

Brad’s baked eggs came piping hot in a skillet, and were just the kind of baked eggs he liked. Still a little runny, but not overly so, and delightfully hearty. There are times were I could wax lyrical about how good a dish was, and sometimes, I simply cannot describe the simple comfort a dish brings. 

Although I was tempted by gluten free ricotta and almond hotcakes (definitely returning for these!) I absolutely loved my house spiced granola with raspberry compote, berries, organic honey and yoghurt. I feel like my granola/porridge picks lately have been a bit hit and miss…however, I cleaned this plate up. This was just what I liked.

Crunchy, lightly toasted granola with spices that were lovely and aromatic. The addition of the raspberry compote was perfect for me, adding a gentle sweetness and the apple batons added another crispy texture. All swirled up together, I simply could not get enough. Delish.

Although it’s fun to run around town and check out all that’s new, I do need to take more chances on little neighbourhood gems like Little Temper, which often give me so much more than I need. Brad and I got into one of our more intellectual conversations, and although we always bond over brunching, there are some places where it’s certainly easier to do it at than others. Like Little Temper! 

Little Temper
63 Burwood Road
Hawthorn 3122

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