Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pg. 2

My brother is a special character. There are many science-y and psychology type words that are generally used to describe him, but there are also many other beautiful words, such as hardworking, loyal to a fault, committed to the cause of good, selfless, tenacious, and outgoing. 

And earlier this month, he turned 25. 

To celebrate, since Chai had recently hurt himself, rather than going out for a full family meal, mum stayed home to dog sit and Brad and I took Tim out for brunch. He used to hate going out for meals, as it would ruin his schedule, or whatever it was in his head that he had planned to do. These days though, with enough notice, he’s now keen as chops to get out the door for a meal, and loves spending time with us. 

So we ended up at Pg. 2 in Richmond, a very cosy little cafe on Swan Street, that makes you beam from ear to ear and wriggle your toes in joy, at the warmth the staff and the space exudes. Who wouldn’t want to just lounge around in the blue armchairs at the front of the cafe, or the red ones in the back all day? There are even a box of blankets out back if you choose to sit outside on a slightly chilly day. Reminds me very much of Germany!

The menu and food were honest, but beautifully executed. My brother was thrilled to get gluten free bread with his thyme infused  Swiss brown mushrooms, with poached eggs and gleefully rich homemade hollandaise, which he inhaled 7/8ths of in a moment, before taking his time with the last couple of bites. 

Brad also enjoyed his big breakfast, with free range bacon, mushrooms, croquettes, spinach, tomato, avocado, chorizo and poached eggs done just right. 

Whilst my zucchini, carrot, corn and haloumi fritters, served with smoked salmon and poached egg…well they’re just pretty as a picture aren’t they? Not to mention delicious, well seasoned, not too doughy and hearty. 

We loved our meals, and our morning together, but the Pg. 2 team outdid themselves, and when they learnt that it was my brother’s birthday? Treated him to a wee cupcake (or not so little) from the display. My brother is a simple creature (which I think is a blessing), and the happiness this brought him was just beautiful. He couldn’t stop talking about what a lucky boy he was once he got home to we devoured all of the macarons we picked up from Luxbite (sort of) on the way home.

207 Swan Street
Richmond 3121

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  1. That looks like a very inhale-able breakfast (and I don't even eat mushrooms!). It really is a blessing to have special characters in our lives, I have been taught to appreciate the simple many a time - although that cupcake is awesome :)