Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brother Burger South Yarra

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest

So the last time I wrote a review on Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew, I was quite well past tipsy and just remember making happy gurgling sounds throughout my meal and getting way too excited over spiked milkshakes. 

Drunk Asians, we’re a great time. 

So when I was offered the opportunity to visit the newly opened second store of Brother Burger, I was definitely keen to see what I had forgotten in my alcohol glazed memory. 

The first Brother Burger I recall being dark, and quite cosy. The South Yarra outlet, whilst dark as well, is anything but cosy; instead it’s an absolutely huge space, with high ceilings, moody lighting, meat grinders lining the wall (mildly macabre), and plenty of plush booth and red seats for all. 

Brother Burger was pumping on a Saturday night, and understandably, since the space has cute little booths just fit for two and huge communal tables for big family gatherings. There’s also not a lot of options for burgers down this end of Chapel, so Brother Burger is filling a nice little gap in the market. 

We get a seat at the counter, facing the kitchen where all the action is happening. It’s impressive watching the assembly line of burgers go through it’s paces and god damn, it smelt amazing.

What sets Brother Burger apart, are their burger patties, 100 percent full blood wagyu, and the fact they bake their own bread in house…you can only imagine how big that kitchen must be! 

I keep things simple, going with the Jane, 100% wagyu beef patty with lettuce, house-made pickles, mustard mayo and ketchup. I got her doubly cheesy as well. On a gluten free bun of course. 

And I must admit I’ve promptly forgotten what Brad got…but he had two patties. That’s all that matters.

The patties are cooked medium, blushing pink inside, and are as promised, juicy and very tasty. I do enjoy how molten the cheese is on top, although I find the patty a bit on the smaller side for my liking, as I like a little more meat to my bread ratio. 

The gluten free buns are also baked in house…and they’re good. Really good. I think Tuckshop Takeaway are still my favourite gluten free buns, but these don’t come too far behind. 

We also get a serve of onion rings, golden crispy rings which hit the spot, and a serve of french fries, which come out exactly as expected. I know the sauces are made in house, but it seems a bit tight to charge $1 for ketchup...

I enjoyed the food at Brother Burger, it’s not the kind of place I would go out of my way for to get to, but if I’m in the area and in the mood for a burger, certainly somewhere I would hit up again. The only thing that I found detracted from the experience was the fact that none of the staff that we interacted with seemed like they were enjoying themselves! Surely burgers are fun? Or maybe it’s just the Chapel Street crowd that’s not? Or maybe it’s just the hipster attitude that I’m not sure on how to interact with anymore? Who knows.

560 Chapel Street
South Yarra

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  1. Agree with your review. The food is great but the attitude of most of the wait staff we have dealt with on two separate visits was a let down. They were arrogant and gave out a negative vibe. I also thought it was a bit much to charge for tomato sauce!