Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Major Major

Major Major is not quite what I expected menu-wise! Located on Smith Street, down the Victoria Parade end which is still relatively unpopulated, it’s a welcome addition to the area. 

It’s a cosy yet welcoming space, with smiley waiters, and lots of wood making up the interior, with a pop of neon here and there. 

But back to the menu, yes there’s the usual granola with fresh fruit, bacon with eggs…but then the menu takes an unexpected twist and a bit of an Asian invasion happens. 

I’m talking crab omelette’s, seaweed fritters, tori cats…not your usual breakfast fare! And I have to say…it got me excited; love an interesting menu!

Before food, my Calmer Sutra chai is much better than I expect it to be (I’m not usually a huge fan of Calmer Sutra), the flavour of the steeped leaves really coming through nicely, but without the spice kick that I’ve come to like from my more favoured chai’s. Lovely creamy milk though!

I opt for the eggs benedict, with your usual 63 degree eggs and wilted spinach…with a fishy twist…a whole lot of meaty prawns stacked on top with some flaky bonito to finish it off! Wow. What can I say. Whilst the visual of whole prawns and fish may put some off, it makes the Asian in me very happy. It’s beautifully aromatic, putting a touch of ocean in the air, the bonito delicately waving at us. The prawns are meaty and well cooked, the heads delightfully crunchy. It all combines in to a rich melting pot of umami goodness. 

But what’s even got more umami goodness in it is the absolutely delicious seaweed fritters with 63 degree poached egg, sautéed kale and chilli soy mayo. They’re not much to look at compared to their more conservative cousins the corn fritter…but are packing way much more flavour. A stunningly green colour once broken into, I struggle to convey just how delicious the fritters are. Umami punch, not distinctly oceanic in flavour, but sweet, yet savoury, with a kick of chilli up the kicker. I actually had food envy. 

On both dishes the eggs were also insanely oozy. Just the way we like it. 

The staff were so friendly when we were there, keeping us updated through the morning and letting us know that our order had just gotten in after a really big table and apologising for the wait. 

We capped off our morning with a orange and poppy seed gluten free cake, which had a bit of a crunchy sugary crust over the top, but had a lovely vibrant flavour and bit of texture with the poppy seeds throughout. Yum!

5 Smith Street
Collingwood 3065

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  1. Love the idea of the bonito flakes on top of the prawns - awesome idea for a new twist on an old favourite! I'd have probably ignored that on a menu, but I think you've kinda talked me into it!