Saturday, September 19, 2015

Smith Street Alimentari

Although new and novel is fun…sometimes nothing beats the classics. And Smith Street Alimentari is pretty classic. 

You walk into a space that is part deli, part pantry, and absolutely full of delicious goodies to buy home. I find myself stuck ogling the pastries in the front, before I remember what we’re actually here for. 


Pass the deli (if you can) and head over to the cafe area, with butchers paper on top of white table cloths on tables snuggled in nice and close to each other. The place isn’t completely full, but even when not at total capacity, there’s a nice little buzz and delicious aromas wafting out of the open kitchen. 

Service is smart and snappy, it’s all business here, but in the best way possible. 

My Calmer Sutra chai is surprisingly tasty, I don’t mind Calmer Sutra but it just lacks the punch in spice that I like to have, but the tea flavour was lovely and deep. How cute is the glass as well?

Brad’s potato hash browns, topped with poached eggs, smoked bacon, baby spinach and hollandaise reads as usual, but is just done to absolute perfection. Oozy yolks, rich and creamy hollandaise dripping down the sides, and perfectly fatty bacon to give just the nice level of cheeky that we like on a Sunday. Oh and them  hash browns, so crunchy on the outside!

I absolutely adored my sweet corn fritters with avocado salsa, grilled bacon and poached egg. Oh my goodness. Everything was perfect in these. Just enough avocado, perfect slices of bacon which were thick and fatty enough to be so satisfying but also have a touch of charred crispness to them. The fritters themselves were sweet, with a lovely charred flavour to them, and a touch of chilli I think. So. So. Good. I don’t think I can do corn fritters anywhere else. 

Simple, but executed so well. What more can you ask for? 

302 Smith Street

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  1. I actually walked past here yesterday and thought that I really needed to actually stop and do the old classic thing instead of hunting down the hot new things.. the fritters look AMAZING!

  2. Gosh I work right around the corner but have never been! I'll have to change that soon! :D