Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phuket - B-Lay Tong

So for the three nights I was in Phuket, Mr. A managed to arrange for us to stay in a very snazzy, modern and new (8 months old!) hotel just on the beach.

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But very snazzy no? I certainly had no complaints and fortunately, no complaints about the food either since we ended up eating all our breakfasts and a bunch of other meals in the hotel. Whilst their menu covered both Asian and western options, we naturally err-ed towards the Thai dishes, which were always cooked deliciously.


Not a bad spot to have a pad thai hey? The pad thai goong was served with incredibly huge prawns which were juicy and fresh. The noodles were also just cooked to perfection, whilst I tend to be a bit carb concious, when I get back to Asia and am given really well cooked becomes very moreish and I just can't help myself from finishing every last thing on my plate. My waistline isn't particularly happy for it.

Another thing the hotel did exceptionally my opinion, was dessert (another thing my waistline does not agree with, the tender pains of loving food...) and I just can't resist sharing these two delicious morsels I was able to indulge in.


A chocolate marquise with pistachio ice-cream. I had this on my first day and was just amazed when it came out, the presentation was impeccable and I was very surprised I wasn't home at Comme Kitchen or something along those lines. The marquise was dense and oh so rich, the pistachio ice-cream the perfect companion for it, whilst being creamy provided a slightly lighter note to the chocolate. And for 210 baht (just over $5) I was gobsmacked at the value for money!

On my last night, I knew I had to have something else from the dessert menu and browsing through the room service, the cheesecake just lured me in.

Such a good choice.




The cheesecake surprised me, it was a lot lighter than I expected to be, maybe perhaps too used to the density of the cheesecakes back home. Although this is not a bad thing, it didn't sit heavily in my stomach afterward and the sweetness of the cake when had with the berry...compote(?) was given a nice tartness. Not to mention it just looked delectable. Terribly moreish because it was so light and easy to eat and whilst the berries weren't combined into the cheesecake, it was still very fruity with the abundance of fruit around it.

I really do regret not trying more on that dessert menu, there was a white chocolate creme brulee...a panacotta of some sort...

B-Lay Tong

198 Taveewong Road
Patong, Kathu
Phuket 83150
+66 76 344 999

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  1. darling! am i jealous much!!! Wish i were on the beach in Phuket!