Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giveaway! 2 Free Passes to the Taste of Melbourne!


Congrats to Theresa W! :)

Hey guys! It's my first giveaway! I'm really excited. You should be too! Blackie is clearly!

I was talking with a friend (who has sworn me to keep their identity secret), about the Taste of Melbourne, and they very kindly presented me with two complimentary tickets to attend with them.

Unfortunately though, I am actually overseas during the Taste of Melbourne festival (oh woe is me...), so with their permission granted, they're letting me give them away on my blog to one lucky person!

Firstly, what is the Taste of Melbourne festival you're asking?

It is a festival (of food), where a number of the city's finest restaurants congregate at the Royal Exhibition Building, to give you a taste, a sample, of the goodies they may serve in the actually restaurant. So yes, this means, you get to 'nibble at' many restaurants in one night, under one roof!

On top of that, there will be premium food and drink producers tempting you with all their gourmet treats as well. Go ahead...splurge a little!

Above two photos pinched from my bestie David!

I attended the first Taste of Melbourne back in...ur...2008? I think that was it. And it was a very fun affair, my friends and I were nibbling on beautiful desserts from Jacques Reymonds and found ourselves quite tipsy after attending a beer tasting session by James Squire. Some of the notes I learnt from that tasting, are still with me, dark chocolate + porter = surprisingly delicious!

So I can only hope someone else will be able to go and have all the fun for me! (And take lots of photos? Please?)

Now you're probably wondering where it is, when it is and all that delicious stuff.

The Taste of Melbourne festival runs from the 15th of September to the 18th of September, however the invitations I have will admit you to one of the following sessions:

Thursday 15th September - 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Friday 16th September - 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Friday 16th September - 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Where do you need to go? The Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson St, Carlton, Victoria 3053

How does it work? My invitation will get you through the door, subject to venue capacity...get there early! Normally tickets to enter are $30 on the door! However! You will still need to buy Crowns to spend to nibble on delicious delights. When I went, dishes ranged from 8 crowns to 12 crowns, depending on how luxurious your treat was! You can either buy them on the night or pre-buy them at ticketek here. Want to already figure out what you're going to eat? Want to see a menu? Click here!

The wonderful restaurants featured at Taste of Melbourne...

The next thing I suppose is, how can you get your hands on one of my lovely little purple invites?

I just need you to do two things for me. Leave a comment on this blog post....and visit my facebook page and like me (if you haven't already)!

And there you have it, voila, you have your entry into the draw! Only one entry per person though!

I will draw the winner (at random of course) sometime on Friday the 9th of September, so make sure you enter before the 9th!

Unfortunately, I will have to limit this to Australian residents only and since I will need to be able to contact you if you do win, please do make sure you leave an active email, so that I can grab your address and get the invites to you! Otherwise I'll have to forfeit you from the draw...which would just make everyone sad...or not?

And that's it. Simple enough? Do ask questions if you're confused, otherwise enter already! :)

And yes, I know Food Rehab also has a giveaway for the Taste of Melbourne happening too, so why not enter both for double the chance?!