Monday, October 10, 2011

Truman Cafe

It's always intensely difficult to turn down an eating out expedition with other bloggers....especially when there's a couple of us....

I-Hua said, this day, this time, this place. Allan, Bryan and myself all agreed.

The day was a lovely, sunny Saturday morning, the time, was fairly early and the place? Truman Cafe in Albert Park. Definitely further than I would otherwise probably go with Brad for breakfast, but that's what I love about these gatherings. All attendees love food and will travel for it, although Bryan probably had it best living so close by... this time!

Walking into Truman cafe felt like walking into someone's office kitchen. No not office or kitchen, office kitchen. Or something of the sort. With odd, even retro, trinkets here and there and friendly smiley staff, who told us to only photograph her good side, there was an instant warmth to the place.

It also helps that there were 3 other chatty food bloggers, all with cameras whipped out onto the table....we don't look suss at all surely! We attempted to masquerade as a 'Photography Society', although I don't know how well we would have convinced the staff...

We occupied most of the communal table, but there were also a few small tables for two, counter space and plenty of tables outside.

Naturally with food bloggers, there will be coffees! Although probably best to check Bryan's review of them!

Being fairly caffeine free myself, I went with my usual preference for a soy chai latte. It took a little bit of time to reach our table, but was certainly worth the wait! Have I told you guys I'm crazy about soy at the moment? Especially bonsoy (which Truman cafe, to my delight, used)! Why hadn't anyone introduced me to it earlier?! Creamy, sweet, but not in flavour...mmmm. The chai at Truman's was just lovely, with a lovely tea flavour coming through!

Whilst we all endeavoured to order different things, sometimes there just aren't enough egg dishes to go around. I-Hua's boy and I both went for Connie's Eggs, poached eggs in napoli sauce with chorizo and spinach on a toasted baguette. It was fairly enjoyable, I can't go past a good napoli sauce and this was tomato-y and fresh and delightful. The eggs were also nicely cooked as well. My only gripe was that the chorizo was a bit on the mild side, I was hoping for a bit of bite and spice to come from it, but all I felt it really added was meatiness.

Whilst I'm not usually one for smoked salmon, I think because mum's spoilt me on cured salmon at home, Bryan had the much prettier and elegant smoked salmon and asparagus with one poached egg and salsa verde. I even loved the pretty plate it was served on, do you reckon it was actually brought all the way back from Italy?

It actually looked lovely and fresh as well, and quite healthy, look at all those greens! Read Bryan's review to see what he thought of his own dish!

Allan and I-Hua both got the Truman. However whilst Allan went for the classic with scrambled eggs, homemade potato and leek hash served with avocado and relish...I-Hua decided something was missing..

And amped her 'Truman' up with bacon. BACON. And swapped the scrambled for the poached.

Whilst I'm not one of those people where bacon excites me...well did really look good here. Good move I-Hua.

Allan let me steal a nibble of his potato and leek hash which just completely blew my mind. It was lovely and soft, but not in that mushy way, and that addition of leek really added so much flavour to it. Really lovely. I've been actually quite surprised at how many good potato hash's I've been finding with big breakfast's lately...maybe I need to do a quest to find the best one? As if I needed more of an excuse to have brunch...

And in true food blogger style, when Allan suggested getting one of the french toast's to share in the middle, Asian style, none of us said no. There were two options but we decided on the brioche french toast with spiced mandarin marscapone and sugared pistachios.

As much as I shouldn't have eaten this, I couldn't help going back. The brioche was lovely and fluffy, the egg not too heavy on it and my god, that spiced mandarin marscapone was the best thing ever. It was just a strong sweet, heavy hit of mandarin in a creamy form. And I personally loved the additions of pistachios, a bit of play on textures with something a little crunchier amongst all the fluffy and creamy.

Good move Allan. Good move.

Coffee, food, then home usually right? Well not at this expedition. There was still one more round of hot non-caffeine milk drinks to be had! Huh?

Truman have an assortment of interesting drinks which are generally used as coffee alternatives and are caffeine free, for those who are allergic to it. Or something like it. It was quite intriguing as I had never heard of anything like them before!

So we ordered several 'LSD''s and a soy caro...or carob? I can't remember, one or the other.

For me the soy caro/b was really not my cup of tea. To me it just tasted like burnt coffee really. Not that I really know what coffee tastes like, but I think I'd have somewhat of an didn't have the aromaticness I would expect out of coffee...I guess...?

I preferred the LSD better, I can't remember what it stood and dandelion or something like that? No drugs here buddy. I thought there was a bit of depth and nuttiness to it that you wouldn't come across in any other drink. It was a very unique flavour and whilst we were all mix minded about the drinks, I would actually probably order the LSD again as it provides quite a different flavour palette to my usual chai. And I continue to stay fairly caffeine free. Hoorah!

After a few mooncakes were exchanged we all headed on home, it really was a lovely way to start the weekend. Truman cafe was relaxed and welcoming, the food honest and tasty and service with a smile.

Truman Cafe
381 Montague Street
Melbourne 3206

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