Monday, February 20, 2012


I've driven by Momoco heaps of times.

And it's always pissed me off.

Having studied Japanese in school, I was taught all the…'kuh' sounds were spelt with a k. Ka, ki, ku, ke, ko etc. etc. And this is always the case when romaji is used, to translate the sound of the Japanese characters into English, so that non-native speakers can read it.

So, to see 'Momoco' with a c, bothered me.

But then I thought about it. It wouldn't really matter anyway since there is no 'k' or 'c' in Japanese. So it wouldn't really bother them. Therefore, it really shouldn't be bothering me. And therefore I need not be so angry during my drives through the Power Street and Burwood Rd junction!

Shortly after this realisation, I visited with Brad, and soon discovered, they actually have pretty decent food, with prices light on the wallet, which Brad and I have been leaning to lately. We're hoping to travel overseas this year, which would be the first time since we've been going out!

Momoco is close by to Hawthorn station, which is convenient, but not really a location that many people head out to dine at…or so I think. Brad has observed that they are quite popular with the office workers nearby during lunchtime, having walked past now and again.

It's bright, it's colourful, it's surprisingly big. The dinner menu is pretty sizeable as well and it took us a little while to figure out what we wanted.

A lovely roasted rice tea for me, perfect after a week of drinking…

I've always wondered how healthy seaweed is for you, I mean, would it technically be counted as a vegetable? It's green and kinda leafy right? There must be nutrients in that!

And with that mindset, whenever I am out at Japanese places, I tend to order a seaweed salad for my 'greens' fix.

Momoco's offer was fresh and surprisingly generous. For around $4 or less, there was a nice sized bowl of just seaweed. I'm quite used to seeing many places plump up their 'seaweed salad' with salad leaves and other things, so it was nice just to get what I asked for!

The 'Sake Ebi Maki', prawn and avocado rolled in nor with salmon wrapped around the outside, was one of the more delightful versions of it that I've come across in Melbourne. The rice wasn't dry, the seafood was light, sweet and fresh.

The small assorted sashimi also stood up to good standards. The fish had a lovely texture and tasted very fresh. The salmon was totally melt-in-your-mouth!

Brad also got an order of the teriyaki chicken don…which is well. Teriyaki chicken. It's not something that generally impresses me and to be honest, Momoco wasn't too different. It had potential, but it needed a little more sauce, as the sauce to rice ratio wasn't quite spot on for me and the chicken was a little dry.

However, at about $25 each for dinner, which included one beer, I was pretty satisfied with the value for money and have already returned for an impromptu lunch with my grandma and brother, who went gaga for the curry!


108 Power St
Melbourne, VIC 3122

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