Sunday, May 20, 2012

The past week and a half...

Phew! It's been a while! It's amazing how fast time goes, especially when your'e not posting much, look back at that time and freak out a bit! But never fear, I do hope over the next two weeks to get back on track and get some posts up (and maybe even schedule a few) before my one month Asia-extravaganza with Brad in June!

So a few other things I did when my cousins were here….(sorry for lazily edited pics…figure I'll make them prettier for individual posts! :))

We went to St Kilda on one of the few beautiful days we did have and Chai discovered the ocean. It was so much fun watching him, at first, run away from the incoming tide, but then jump in deeper and deeper into it. He also attempted to bite it in frustration, but I don't think he quite got that water does not feel pain…

We had another beautiful meal at Hotel Lincoln in Carlton. I tell you, that rabbit pie and carrot puree? Best thing ever. Still. One of the dishes I will continue to rate very highly!

I drove my cousins and my uncle down to the Apostles for an over night trip. On the way down we stopped by in Colac, where we nommed at the Oddfellows Restaurant. The place is just gorgeous. I can't wait to blog about it individually!

I also introduced my cousins to the great Australian classic….lamingtons!

The Otway Tree Top Adventure walk is spectacular. It's a good walk, and we spent around an hour and a half there (since Lisa and I spent so much time taking photos).

I'm not usually scared of heights (too badly) but I will admit, walking 30-50 metres above the forest, on this suspended metal bridge, it gave me a bit of the jelly legs. I just love how the ferns looked like open flowers on the forest floor though from this height! So pretty!

I also made friends with a dinosaur.

I don't think I've ever seen the Apostles at sunset. They were just breathtaking with the sun slowly descending behind them, something out of a movie completely! If anyone is thinking of taking guests to the Great Ocean Road in the future, I would suggest an overnight trip, just so you can get this view. They are quite pretty in the day time too, but it's hard to beat this…

The next day we explored more of the Great Ocean Road. 

It was windy and cold. Oh so very windy.


Our highlight of the day was going down to the Gibson Steps and standing on the beach. Nothing like standing next to a cliff face to really realise how little you are in the world sometimes….

….and Brandon and Lisa got attacked by the ocean. Just classic.

Sooooooo classic.

A quick stop over in Timboon on the way home for anzac biscuit flavoured and chai latte flavoured ice-cream….too good I tell you!

It doesn't quite stop there!

The next day we were off to Bress Winery, for the Fringe Food Festival's Foraging Frolic, where we foraged for mushrooms in pine forests. My Dad really got into it surprisingly!

We also got to eat a sample of mushrooms as well, which were just divine. Hang tight for an individual post about this event and more food photos to drool over! 

A trip to Melbourne for my cousins and I, is never complete without a visit to the aquarium. I may have shared before, but I absolutely adore taking pictures in the aquarium. Penguins, lion fish….so much fun to shoot! I have a particular soft spot for jellyfish, as they are so ethereal and so beautiful. Such an elegance in the way they move. 

This is me attempting to out do Princess Beatrice's Octopus headpiece with my very fancy Squid hat. 

No visit to Melbourne would be complete without a little trip to Luxbite, where we gorged ourselves on macarons and apple crumble eclairs. Delish.

And to FINALLY wrap up, we went down to Philip Island, where we saw wild wallabies (and actually pulled over to the side of the road to take pictures), ate fish and chips and squealed over the adorable tiny penguins. 

So yeah. As much as I do love having my cousins around, it's been a pretty flat out two weeks, as I've been squeezing in work as well! So this weekend, I have been enjoying a fairly quiet time of snuggling with Brad and watching Marvel movies. 

Oh and my cousin Serena read my last blog post and complained about a lack of wombats. So to make up for it….as she puts it….God's most perfect creature. The wombat. 

And now back to your regular program schedule...