Friday, July 27, 2012


So I just love living in Kew even more these days. Between Ora, Percy's Aeroplane, Axil, Le Flaneur…so on and so forth, I'm pretty spoilt for choice if I'm looking for a good chai latte and breakfast within 5-10 minutes drive from me. 

But then Cru with it's cool crew (hurr hurr, sorry), shows up just next to the corner of Glenferrie and Cotham Rd. 

I actually remember going to get a massage at a shop right next door and noticing that there were signs out front saying that a new cafe was coming soon…little did I know it would be so soon!

I was half hoping that since the place is pretty new, that it wouldn't be too busy, but…who am I kidding. I live in Melbourne. 

The place was bustling, even on a brisk and fresh Sunday morning, people were sitting outside and it looked like it was nearly full inside. Fortunately Brad and I managed to score a table straight away, although I observed that they seemed to have a pretty high turnover here. Whilst it was full when we first arrived, within 15 or 20 minutes, most of the tables next to us, and seats at the bar had cleared out….only to be filled again in another 15! 

Cru is cute. White, clean, bright, mirror on the back wall to make it seem bigger than it is, but still very cosy, with cute little trinkets sitting on the shelves between teapots and containers of teas. It makes me think of white picket fences, but with a cool little twist…like having palm trees in the garden instead of perfectly trimmed hedges. 

My 50mm lens is currently at the doctor's so I've had to shoot everything with my 24mm instead…just for a different point of view!

My chai latte was beautiful, really lovely, spicy and warming. Not so much on the sweet side, which I really liked. 

After my chai latte (which I demolished), I couldn't resist getting an English breakfast tea after seeing how cute the teapots were…

Choosing our dishes was surprisingly difficult, with a fun menu that carries breakfast favourites, but a lot of more unique and unusual Melbourne breakfast offerings, it pretty much came down to perving on whatever came out of the kitchen and what was on other people's tables...everything was just presented so enticingly!

Not one to miss out on a good dose of ham or bacon, Brad went with the En cocotte, 6 hour smoked ham hock, baked eggs with sauteed spinach. Oh how the serve is small…but mighty! Whilst fairly modest at first appearance, upon breaking into the egg white and egg yolk, you find it is actually just blanketing a very generous portion of smoked ham hock. Like, lots of it. This is a protein packed dish and it is damned delicious. Brad was quite nicely stuffed after this!

Oh runny egg yolk...why you so sexy?!

I went with the roesti, with avocado, smoked salmon, red onion, crispy capers and a poached egg. I think I had a happy little sigh as it was put down in front of me. Isn't it just pretty? I loved the colours and just how fresh it looked! 

This dish was such a fun mix of textures, the roesti was beautifully crunchy, the avocado smooth and creamy, gooey eggs and a firm but sweet salmon. Gosh the roesti was good, perfectly seasoned. Such a great mix of flavours! The portion sizing of this was lovely too, not too heavy, but it was still quite a filling meal!

I noticed quite a lot of people popping out after the meal with little brown bags filled with muffins and pastry goodness. As tempted as I tummy said no!

For being the new kid on the block, Cru have made a modest but outstanding entrance. Fresh, delicious food, service with smiles and just the cutest little fitout. So what are you waiting for? I got this post up on Friday so you can all plan to pop by this weekend... ;)

WIth a menu that includes sliders with manchego, angus burgers and gallette's, Brad and I are quite keen to head back and have more breakfast with the Cru ourselves...

916 Glenferrie Road
Kew, 3101

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