Thursday, August 23, 2012

Studley Park Boathouse

I've been told that I've gotten to the point where my social life has gotten too dense. And in a way I guess they're right. I'm quite social as is and probably go out a little bit too frequently, but I still struggle to find time for my long suffering friends. It gets so easy to just forget to send a message out every now and again y'know?

But I suppose then, it just makes the moments with those friends even more enjoyable when you have them. 

David suggested we go pop by Studley Park Boathouse cafe for lunch one day during the week. Considering my close proximity to Studley Park, I'm a little bit surprised I hadn't actually gone before!

It was a lovely winter day, with the sun in full blast, so my parents decided to bring Chai out for a walk as well. Ah, he was so tempted to chase after the ducks and geese…cheeky little fella!

So at Studley Park Boathouse, there's the kiosk for your cheap and easy pasties and what not, the formal fine-dining restaurant, which wasn't open this day and the cafe, which sits somewhere between the kiosk and restaurant in terms of fanciness.  

The staff were very friendly at the cafe, all smiles and chit chat, they made sure I was well looked after while still waiting for David. 

My soy chai was enjoyable, smooth, sweet, with a bit of spice.

I do love David, when we catch up we always tend to act like old housewives and gossip about what everyone has been up to. We 'tut-tut' over some, 'good for him' for others. We spent so long catching up that it took us quite a while to actually order anything….

David went with the confit duck on mushroom risotto, which was just a treat. Intensely aromatic with a hearty, comforting smell, the duck was well cooked, not too dry at all and the risotto, whilst maybe a little wetter and saucier than I'm used to, was pretty moreish! 

I went with something a bit lighter, and got the salt and pepper calamari. I enjoyed that it was only lightly battered, and had a nice texture to it. There was also a little bit of a spicy bite to it which was quite enjoyable as well. 

But whatever 'lightness' and 'healthiness' I gained from forfeiting a heavier meal for a lighter one, I think I lost once we ordered dessert. Of course there's dessert. This is David and I we're talking about! 

A delicious apple and berry (I think)  crumble, with a healthy squeeze of whipped cream and for just $2, a ginormous serve of ice-cream on the side. Crumble really does make for a fantastic autumn/winter dessert. There's just something warming about having baked berries and apples, in a crumbly tart. Yes. Life is good.

Whilst probably not breaking any revolutionary ground in cooking and cuisine, Studley Park Boathouse offers comforting and friendly food. 

1 Boathouse Road
Kew Vic 3101

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