Tuesday, October 16, 2012


When I was a kid, I was a bit of a tomboy. Hardly surprising, considering today most of my friends are guys and I still find I get along with guys a lot easier than girls in general. Oh that and, I'm a bit of a nerd overall. I think for a long time as a kid I wanted to be more rough and tough than girly…who needs to paint their toenails when you could be wrestling with your little brother's friends. 

But really, check me out here. Look how tough I am and stuff…in my awesomely red pyjamas. 

So I kinda love that Tomboy, a new cafe opening up in Smith Street, is owned and run by girls. It all sounds good. And how could I not visit after hearing about their gluten free goodies…?

Tomboy is a little rough around the edges, got that edge of cool with an assortment of funky wall decals, raw edged tables and utilitarian lights, but also a bit of quirky cute. 

The little place was bustling on a weekend when we popped in and had to wait 20 minutes to get a seat on the communal table. I kind of love how the table looked like it had been well worn, with clamps on the sides and the top, randomly etched, hacked at…have what you will. 

Serious bottle of water yo!

The breakfast menu was short and written on a strip of brown paper adhered to the wall. Pretty cute.

I found service to be a little bit scattered. We were left on the communal table for quite some time before orders were taken. Yeah, I know, it's the weekend, which is generally slow and easy going, but the tummy doesn't wait!

My chai was worth the wait though, beautifully spicy, as in spices, not chilli, and nice and creamy. Brad's latte looked quite pretty as well. 

The knives are so cute and quaint!

Brad went with the egg and bacon muffin with homemade tomato sauce and raclette. Oh man. This is a home run, absolutely full of flavour and cheesy goodness. I immediately wished I had ordered it for myself once I had a bite!

However, I think I needed a slightly healthier option and went for the avocado and fetta smash with mint and toasted seeds on gluten free bread. Firstly, great gluten free bread, perfectly toasted, nice and nutty…then the avocado? Yum. I loved the toasted seeds on top and the mint added a little surprising zest of freshness. Mmm!

I quite liked that the portions were a bit smaller here (with prices that do reflect this), as it was nice to be satisfied and not stuffed after finishing our food. I surprisingly didn't have any sweets afterwards, as I was personally kind of full (ate a lot the night before) and wasn't in the mood to wait too long to get served again. 

We had visited shortly after they opened, so I'm going to assume they were just getting into their stride service-wise and in just generally managing the business, and other than taking a bit of time, service was friendly all around. 

Overall, I loved the laid back and easy going atmosphere at Tomboy and will definitely endeavour to have some of the gluten free sweets next time...

356 Smith Street

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