Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blogiversary! I'm Three!

So uh. I totally mixed up my blogiversary date until I saw that Daisy's blog, Never Too Sweet, had just turned one (Awww!) and decided to check if my blog turned three tomorrow like I had originally thought.

Oh nope. 

It's today.

Thanks to my cool friend Chill for this pic. Wubs!


Does that make it an adolescent blog then? I hardly feel like I've grown up but I feel like I've waded my way out of blog childhood. 

This past year has been absolutely insane though. All in the best of ways though. I certainly feel my blog has done the most growth in the past year, and I've gotten to do so many awesome things this year, meet amazing people and eat like a mofo. 

I had been thinking recently about when my blog had started three years ago and the place it has in my life now. Both Brad and my blog came into my life around the same time, around a time where I had started a personal healing process from a more negative time in my life, and both Brad and the blog filled up my mental thinking space with much more pleasant thoughts and motivation to push on forward. I love these days that I am (almost) never bored, as any spare time I have I usually want to spend on the blog! It's hard work, but it's totally worth it!

Thanks Simon for this photo at EDB! Melbourne Bloggers represent!

And over this past year, being able to meet so many more bloggers and getting to know more about this food blogging community, makes me all the happier that I started the blog and continued on with it. Really guys, I couldn't think of a blogging community that is more nurturing and caring than ours!

It's also been wonderful to hear from readers, who seem to be quietly coming out of the woodwork! It always, always, always brightens my day to get a comment or an email with a recommendation or just a hello from you lot! You guys reading and your support is everything! I love holding giveaways as I love to find out who you all are! ;)

Tea in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, with my parents!

And of course I have to give love (I'm full of it yo) to my friends and family who've always been supportive and enthusiastic in my endeavours to make everyone turn into a squishy little jellybean by eating out so much. 

And a little extra love for my love, who just gets dragged around everywhere. I still don't know how you put up with me hun!

I'm still figuring out where I want my blog to go, but I do hope that there are many years left, as I don't want to stop learning and don't want to stop meeting people, and never want to lose my enthusiasm for food (is that even possible?). I am hoping to redo my layout and freshen things up around here though...

So bring on another year of backlogs, more wine education (something I want to know more about), photo editing until 1am in the morning, karaoke and picnic sessions, Melbourne food festivals, rolling out of restaurants and sugar comas. 

It's all good to me!


  1. happy blogiversary to you ^_^ yay! awesome milestone to achieve :)

  2. Happy bloggiversary!! We started blogging mere days apart, then. Hurrah for three years of adventure! :)

    1. Awww, how awesome! :) And hooray to many more years of discovery! :D

  3. HAPPY Blogversary to you too Ashley! So happy that we have the same blog birthday :) but I'm a baby and you're an adult :)

    I love reading all you posts, your style of writing and of course your photos are always amazing which I'm always trying to learn from!

    Looking forward to many more blog birthdays and remember we're having a HUGE party next year!

  4. Hehe for some reason I never get around to celebrating my blog's birthday, poor blog.
    Happy 3 years to you and here's to many more to come!

  5. Congrats on turning 3. I just turned 2...and I agree that the food blogging community is great...I've met loads of great people since I began my blog (and put on about 10kgs...whoops)!

  6. Happy 3rd birthday to 'I'm so Hungree'! Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

  7. EEEK sorry I missed this one, Ash! VERY belated happy 3rd year blogiversary. Hope you had a lovely Xmas. :)