Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meatball and Wine Bar - Breakfast!

Disclaimer: I was invited to have a complimentary breakfast at Meatball and Wine Bar

You know what I hate? Driving on really rainy days. Mainly because I hate that everyone's driving level seems to drop about 20 points when it does start raining and it takes an extra half an hour to get anywhere, when it really shouldn't. I don't get it.

Fortunately though for this particular rainy morning, a reward of breakfast was at the end of all the traffic. Which never makes it as bad really!

 photo meatball-wine-bar-breakfast-7875_zps405a1408.jpg

After making a few rounds to look for parking, I found something relatively close and my aunt from Canada and I, bolted through the rain into the dry and warm comfort of the Meatball and Wine Bar. 

Yes, I've been here before with Brad for dinner, where fine artisan balls were consumed in a warehouse chic space. However, they're doing breakfast now, still with balls, but a couple of twists!

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First thing was first though, coffee for my aunt (beans from Dukes), and a nice dark chai latte for me. Thick and velvety milk definitely didn't go down wrong after the stress of rainy day driving!

The breakfast menu at the Meatball and Wine bar follows the lead set by the dinner menu, where diners are invited to personalize their meal. What type of balls? What type of sauce? Oh the options! Might I add as well, rather than meatballs for breakfast, the offering is instead for egg balls. Do you want them creamy? Or with corn and cheese? How about green ones? How novel!

 photo meatball-wine-bar-breakfast-7892_zps65cd17e3.jpg

 photo meatball-wine-bar-breakfast-7899_zps07004588.jpg

We decided to try some breakfast sliders, with a charred corn and aged cheddar egg ball, salmon and pesto sauce. Oh and a bit of caramelised onion jam. Loving. It. Fluffy buns, smooth and creamy eggs, and lots of flavour packed into just a few bites. They may look small, but boy are they mighty (and filling!).

 photo meatball-wine-bar-breakfast-7887_zps409e6c08.jpg

We also got the baked eggs and balls, which included a pork meatball, served with baked beans, red and green sauce, focaccia bread and mozzarella. If you're hungry, this is the dish for you, between the generous portion of beans, eggs and meatball, I'm going to be worried if you're not full by the end of it! I can see this being a great winter breakfast dish, as it had all those comforting flavours and that slightly stewy consistency that just warms up the soul.

 photo meatball-wine-bar-breakfast-7904_zpsef76e4ec.jpg

To finish up, we sipped on some beautiful teas from Storm in a Teacup, although I haven't had much of their tea, I'm glad to see the name pop up in more cafes at the moment!

I quite like what Meatball and Wine Bar have decided to offer up for breakfast. To me, the egg balls in general make very reasonably sized breakfasts and service is as friendly and helpful as ever. For something a little different on the breakfast and brunch scene, why don't you try these guys out? 

135 Flinders Lane

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  1. That's a pretty interesting breakfast! Those baked eggs look particularly tasty.

    1. Don't they? They're much more filling than other baked eggs just because of the sheer amount of protein in them! :) Sliders are fun though!

  2. I HATE driving in the rain...and the dark too. I'm going to try and get here on my next visit to looks fun and I like the idea of balls for breaky...LOL.

    1. Dark AND raining, that's the worst! :( I remember driving back from the mountains once in that kind of situation, WORST.

      But yes, do pop by! It's neighbour is Chin Chin, and it's much easier to get into than the double Chin. :)

  3. Mmmm I must wake up extra early to head there before work one day!

    1. Yah! Check it out some time. BALLS. BAAALLLLLLLS. :D