Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Pour Kids

Hey, you there. Listen to this.

Burnt. Butter. Gnocchi.

Are you now excited? If you're not, we might not be able to be friends. Unless you make me brownies I guess. 

I stumbled upon this wonderful combination of words, which materialised into a dish at The Pour Kids on a cheery Sunday morning. Brad and I had attended his Cricket Presentation evening the night before (where I understood nothing of all these numbers and overs they talk about) and stayed at his place in Glen Waverly, so Malvern was sort of on the way between his place and mine. 

 photo the-pour-kids-1317_zpsc20e7c69.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised how much room the cafe had, and we had no issue nabbing a table at around 11:30am. As we seated ourselves at the communal table, I found myself immediately smitten with the juxtaposition of bright colours and graphic black and white wallpaper prints. It was all so cheery and bright!

 photo the-pour-kids-1257_zps58d59b09.jpg

 photo the-pour-kids-1261_zps9bbc1968.jpg

There was a nice buzz to the space, with a constant hum of activity, but never getting in the way of a good conversation.

 photo the-pour-kids-1270_zps4176a0cc.jpg

 photo the-pour-kids-1285_zps36153e4c.jpg

A warm and comforting chai and a rather elegant looking latte. I had no complaints. 

 photo the-pour-kids-1253_zps6c769304.jpg

 The menu at The Pour Kids was quirky and playful, with dish names such as 'Google This', 'Smash and Grab' and 'Three bears out hunting'. So cute!

 photo the-pour-kids-1291_zps2ec6f5e8.jpg

 photo the-pour-kids-1313_zps73c3c400.jpg

Brad ended up ordering the 'Stacks On!' (exclamation mark is on the menu!), with stacks of grilled chorizo sausage, hash brown, guacamole, sour cream and roast corn relish. Oh and added an egg. Of course. 

I loved it's vibrant colour and found this also translated to the taste, with delightfully spicy chorizo which went very well with the generous smear of sour cream. Oh and crispy hash browns. Yes. Come to me…

I had the 'Duck for Cover' (no exclamation mark on this dish), Italian-style pork sausage with burnt butter gnocchi, fried egg and Swiss chard.

 photo the-pour-kids-1301_zpsfeec191b.jpg

Now, I don't know why you would 'duck for cover' with this. If I heard this was coming my way, I would be standing with arms wide open, and maybe setting up a couple of fans to make sure the air stream directed it to me. 

 photo the-pour-kids-1311_zps3a3ac270.jpg

Seriously, how can you deny that beautiful buttery aroma? Especially when it's wrapped around soft and fluffy gnocchi, with deliciously fatty pork sausages and some oozy egg yolk. So good. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the Swiss chard, it just soaked up the buttery flavours and became something I probably would have enjoyed all on it's own as well! I've never really had Swiss chard that much, and after this encounter think I should get to know it much, much, much better!

Although I might have to keep my dalliance with burnt butter gnocchi occasional. I was absolutely stuffed for the rest of the day!

 photo the-pour-kids-1321_zps18e858cd.jpg

To wrap up, I adored our bunch out in Malvern, it's not an area we're often in, but maybe this is something I ought to change? With beautifully executed and delicious breakfast combinations, and an interior that instantly draws out a smile, what's not to like really? 

The Pour Kids
1e Winter Street
Malvern 3144

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  1. MMMMMM Burned butter gnocci sounds good to me!

    Sadly, Malvern is a bit of a drive for me, but from what you've posted, I really want to go! :P

  2. I was about to tease you for not knowing what overs are, but then I remember that I have no ungodly idea how to tell the three types of Australian football apart. League? Union? AFL? They're different, I think?

    1. Hehe, actually I do know what an over is, although I keep thinking it's 7 instead of 6, but when you're in a room of cricket guys I get a bit lost as to who won what etc. etc.

      I just enjoy destroying any sport Brad likes by finding something amusing. I've determined that when batters slide in on their bellies to the wickets that they look like dolphins. Brad does not like. :D

      And uh yeah. I'm as lost as you about the football thing too. I think I'll stick to eating chocolate!

  3. Haha I *thought* I saw someone who resembled your boyfriend on the train getting off at Burnley when I caught the Glen Waverley line once! Ohh I love burnt butter anything, I once made pumpkin gnocchi with burnt butter and crispy sage sauce, divine!

    1. Haha, well there you go! ;) It's always funny that people recognize Brad cause he's on my blog all the time!

      Pumpkin gnocchi with burnt butter sounds absolutely delicious! When is Chez Petit Miamx opening? ;)

  4. I'm listening! Also egg poooooorn. Yes please.

  5. We made our way over to The Pour Kids a few weeks ago ... definitely worth the drive! I ended up with the Google This at the time but the Duck for Cover was a close second. We both agreed we would just have to go back to try something else :)

  6. Ahh I love this place.. one of the few brunch spots that we come back to and feel happy with :)