Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rockwell and Sons - Fried Chicken

Goodness, things have been a bit quiet around here haven't they? Between my computer going away for repairs and my blog url getting hijacked by some rogue code, which decides to kick in on the day I head off overseas for a few weeks…well it certainly does put one behind a bit. 

For the past week I have been running around Thailand, shopping aplenty, climbing mountains and relaxing in very nice hotels, and later today will be popping off to Vietnam, where I hope to have a little more time to breathe and write, as I have been missing it. 

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So let me now cast your minds back to a month or so ago when we had that awful 40 degree heatwave week. Yes, I know it's a bit hard to think of that when you're sitting in rainy cool weather, but yes, Melbourne did that to you!

Not knowing what the weather held in store for us, I pre-booked a meal for Emily and myself at Rockwell and Sons. Naturally, it was none other than their infamous fried chicken. 

Having tried it previously when incredibly drunk at the Pinot Palooza last year, and then singing praises of it to Emily over other meals, she insisted that our next meal out together, we had to go have chicken.

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How fried chicken night works at Rockwell and Sons, is that you pre-order your chicken for a Wednesday night, $60, which can be shared between a maximum of 4 people, and you not only get chicken, but a little appetiser and a whole bunch of sides. So you basically just rock up, pick a drink and get fed. It's a pretty good deal. 

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So perched on stools in the front window, with a gin spiked lemonade and slightly sticky butts, eager for the whisper of a breeze that was passing through to come in, we awaited for the feast.

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We started with some devilled eggs, golden, creamy and a nice dosage of mustard, liberally sprinkled in bright green finely chopped chives. Whets the palate nicely for what follows. 

 photo rockwell-and-sons-fried-chicken-7832_zpsc581b4cc.jpg

 photo rockwell-and-sons-fried-chicken-7833_zpsbc8d96fc.jpg

 photo rockwell-and-sons-fried-chicken-7831_zpsf0480ee1.jpg

Firm and crunchy pickles, a plate of cool and refreshing coleslaw and a bowl of deliciously cheeky creamed corn, buttery and smooth are delivered to our counter first, quickly filling up the limited space we had, before the behemoth of chicken is placed in front of us. 


 photo rockwell-and-sons-fried-chicken-7828_zps8b7299b3.jpg

One whole chicken, brined for three days and fried in a buttermilk batter. 

And the result?

Pure deliciousness. Crispy and crunchy around the outside, I particularly love nibbling away at the stray pieces of batter trying to run away from the chicken, and juicy decadent meat on the inside. Nothing to dislike here folks. 

 photo rockwell-and-sons-fried-chicken-7830_zpsc1d25068.jpg

I'm also absolutely crazy about the biscuits, stars in their own right, which come flaky and crispy, and when partnered with the creamed corn they become some perfect entity that should never ever be separated from each other. I'm amazed at how light they are texturally. 

Our serving of chicken is so impressive, a mountain of battered deliciousness, we have several enquiries from people sitting outside as to what we're eating, as they couldn't find it on the menu. 

Although I normally am happy to boast of my eating prowess, I have to admit, the mountain of chicken for two girls was a little bit too much, and fortunately, the fried chicken is the only thing on their menu that Rockwell and Sons will let you doggy bag home. Although I would recommend you eat as much as you can there, just because it's not quite the same once reheated at home…If I came back, I would most definitely bring at least 3 people, but I feel like the chicken would be most comfortably shared between four people, if everyone gets two pieces each…but I guess you could also be a gut like me and do 3…and then swear off fried food for the next month (although everyone knows that only really happens for a few days)!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Rockwell but have't had a chance to try their Fried Chicken. The huge amount scares me, so will definitely need to bring at least 2 other people with me!!


  3. Don't worry I've been so bad and haven't been able to keep up with blogging either! Ohhhhhhh yum yum I love the Rockwell and Sons burgers but never had the fried chicken either will need to book myself in soon!