Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Kitchen at Weylandts

Brad's going to hate me when/if we ever move out together. He's the kind of guy who wants to have as few material things as possible in his life, I'm your typical hoarder. So much so that when my cousin from Canada visited earlier in the year, who loves fashion and shoes as much as I do, told me I had too many things and very sorely wanted to clean out my closet. The horror.

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So of course Brad as in trouble when we visited The Kitchen. You see, it fronts the beautiful Weylandts furniture store, which meant while we were waiting for a table, I dragged him around the store pointing at all the things I wanted in my future home (which I might add all cost way too much). 

How can you blame me though? I'm a sucker for the warehouse with high ceilings, painted white with a minimalist colour palette and so much pretty furniture. So much pretty furniture. 

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Visually, the Kitchen is a natural extension of the place, at the front of the store where great big windows allow the tables to be bathed in a gentle light. It's a very serene space. 

However, watching the staff did fluster me a bit, as I couldn't quite pinpoint whether they were short staffed, or just not very inefficient. While we waited for our table, after doing the round of the warehouse space, I couldn't help but notice the counter that stretched the length of one of the sides wasn't really occupied…could we not have been offered seats along there? 

 photo the-kitchen-1895_zpsb9eb4a66.jpg

It took a while to get menus, took a while to get orders taken, coffees made…you get the picture. I couldn't help but feel a little bit more training, or maybe even just a slightly different organisation system might have helped out. 

 photo the-kitchen-1897_zps1f42ec05.jpg

Fortunately, although watching the staff at work had me wiggling my toes in mild anxiety (I'm the neurotic sort), the menu offerings shined brightly as a redeeming feature of the cafe. 

 photo the-kitchen-1916_zps30c82794.jpg

I had popped in for drinks the day before with my mum and loved the iced tea on tap, which was a rooibos blend infused with fruits, and since no chai existing on the menu, opted for a lovely and fresh green juice. I can't quite recall what was in it, but the combination was a little different from the usual. 

 photo the-kitchen-1910_zps7aa2e5d1.jpg

Brad's coffee was so pretty. I love these cups that make the drinks look like they're floating…magic!

 photo the-kitchen-1920_zps499b831e.jpg

 photo the-kitchen-1924_zps45295519.jpg

Brad ordered the farmer's breakfast, a hearty feed with ridiculously tasty scrambled eggs, just look at that marvellous golden colour! It was a touch on the expensive side, although for me it would have been more than enough food! 

 photo the-kitchen-1931_zpsf64dc18f.jpg

 photo the-kitchen-1928_zps0e224cec.jpg

I absolutely loved my my mountain of forest mushrooms with goats cheese, with an addition of avocado on the side. Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe how creamy and rich these were, without being gluggy. The mushrooms had such a lovely deep and earthy flavour, much more intense than the usual button mushroom. It was cooked in some slightly creamy sauce, that just blended and swirled in with the goats cheese, the tart of the cheese and richness of the sauce neatly complementing each other. Delicious, would return for it. 

 photo the-kitchen-1903_zps4b380da6.jpg

The display of sweets in the middle (which seem to be consuming perfectly god seating space…?), did tempt me greatly, the lemon tart beckoning me in all it's golden glory, but I did have a high tea later on in that day, so had to decline…this time. 

 photo the-kitchen-1894_zps85552423.jpg

 photo the-kitchen-1893_zpsa305fb27.jpg

The Kitchen is a lovely space, and although it tends to err on the slightly more expensive side, and service could use a little bit of work, I did for the most part enjoy my meal here and would most likely be back for a refreshing beverage and maybe a little sweet.

…After all, it is just around the corner from the Salvos in Abbotsford…

200 Gipps Street

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  1. I'd never heard of it before, so thanks for the writeup. (Also: isn't that Salvos the BEST?)

    1. Most welcome! I assume you'll check it out for a coffee after salvos shopping then? That store is like definitely one of my favourites, had a big haul from there last week! Would go every week, but I don't think my poor wardrobe can cope!