Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hi from Germany!

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If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have known for the past week that I've been hanging out in Frankfurt, Germany! (Hence the even more sporadic and infrequent blogposts, eek!) 

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I had the great fortune of being able to come to Germany, with my flights and half my accommodation covered by the competition that my hairdresser, who I've been modelling for 4 years for, had entered and won the nationals of. 

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It was an amazing experience which I hope to share of later, but besides that I've just been doing a lot of walking, a touch of shopping and my fair share of eating (and converting the whole contingency from Australia to the beautiful white asparagus that's in season at the moment). 

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I have an incredibly soft spot for Germany, having been on exchange in Dusseldorf 6 years ago for half a year, and love the culture, the people, the food, and even (strangely enough) the language (although the only thing I can really say is ask for a beer). 

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So I'm just including a few quick snippy snaps, to let you know that I haven't forgotten the blog and regular programming will be back soon!

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  1. Congratulations on scoring such a fantastic trip! And you look quite the picture on the cat walk xx

  2. No wonder you always have such cool hair! This is really awesome.