Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Red Door Corner Store

There’s something simply adorable about a residential cafe. It’s not there because there’s always going to be people walking by, it’s not there because there are lots of offices around. It’s there because there are streets and streets of houses that surround it, and these houses have people who need good coffee in the morning dammit!

Red Door Corner Store is simply gorgeous. You feel like you could be walking into a general store, wooden floorboards, old wooden crates as shelves and storage for coffee trinkets, dibs on tables via scrabble tiles. So sweet.

And beyond the look, it’s the vibe and life of the cafe as well. Brad and I took a spot by the window, which I almost always try to default to as I can’t resist some good natural lighting, and I spent much of the morning just quietly observing as Brad read the news on his phone. Quietly giggling in my head at the cute little boy in cowboy boots with his mum and her friend as he bumbled around and swooning over the pair of stunning dalmatians with the bearded owner who sauntered in for quick coffee.

It’s not hard to see why Red Door Corner Store must be loved by the locals, as our hot drinks and food arrive at the table. A lovely and rich looking latte for Brad, and the usual spicy little soy chai for me. 

The food menu reads a treat, with favourites twisted up with unexpected or more contemporary additions. My corn, zucchini and quinoa fritters with avocado, romesco, grilled corn salsa and a poached egg are delightfully hearty. The fritters are golden fried and crunchy, but much more dense than usual corn fritters with the help of the zucchini and quinoa. Much more wholesome! I also love the smokiness and the spice in the salsa. And really, who doesn’t love a bit of smashed avocado in the morning? 

I’ve forgotten what Brad and ordered, but believe me it was delicious! Plus it came with polenta chips…for breakfast! 

Red Door Corner Store had been on my wishlist for ages, and although my visit is a much more delayed than I had originally planned for, it’s definitely somewhere I would be comfortable to visit regularly. Provided the food and cheerful vibe stay as is! 

70 Mitchell Street
Northcote 3070

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