Friday, April 17, 2015

Wilo Pizza

Disclosure: I was invited to dine as a guest of Wilo Pizza

When Brad and I first started dating, pizza was a fortnightly occurrence for us, with regular deliveries from Crust to our door. 

However, as we’ve gotten older, pizza’s come up less in our monthly diet (for a whole range of reasons), so when we do go treat ourselves with some, it’s completely and utterly savoured. 

Especially on this particular night; as I stepped off the train at East Richmond station (I managed to find a train that goes there, amazing!) I realised that I hadn’t really eaten all day, so I was cold, shaking and light headed. My fingernails were turning blue!

Sustenance was needed fast, and fortunately, it was found at Wilo Pizza. 

Opened by brother duo, Ollie and Will, the brightly lit, bright green space is takeaway focussed, with only a couple of counter seats inside the shop, and a couple of outdoor seats. But this doesn’t mean they’ve skimped out on the menu at all. From standard classics, Hawaiian’s and margarita’s, to some pretty crazy meat and seafood combinations, chilli chicken, spiced lamb or maybe some prawn and chorizo? 

I also loved that the regular size pizza is a 10 inches, meaning it’s a perfect sized dinner for one, and a little softer on the wallet, the regular sized standard flavours just $10, and the regular sized meat and seafood options ranging from $13 to $14. 

But what also caught my eye? The sides. Does one get the beef short ribs with sweet tamarind sauce? Or the hot and salty chicken wings? 

After some discussion with Ollie, our meal for the night consisted of a mushroom pizza with creme fraiche, seasonal mushrooms, mixed herbs, truffle oil and fresh mozzarella, a pork belly pizza with chipotle sauce, onion, coriander, salsa picada, tangy mayo, fresh chilli, scratching and fresh mozzarella, as well as a serve of the chicken wings and corn cobs with tangy mayo and pecorino.


Brad said we weren’t going to get through it all.

I told him to watch me. 

And we promptly devoured it all.

The chicken wings were 6 golden and surprisingly meaty pieces of chicken, a lot bigger than I had expected (and such a steal for $7!). These were seasoned well, with a touch of heat, and  were delightfully moreish. If I wasn’t so hungry, these alone would be a pretty damn decent meal. 

The corn cobs were sweet, juicy and generous with the mayo which I’m always okay with. 

For our pizzas, we got one with a gluten free base, and one with a regular base to compare, and both were great, the gluten free base in particular had a super crunchy crust, which I couldn’t get enough of. I liked that it was also sturdy enough to take all the toppings and not get soggy too. 

Both of the pizzas came well dressed, with just a nice balance of enough flavour without being over done (although I could’ve gone for a couple more mushrooms on the mushroom pizza I reckon). 

The pork belly pizza was my favourite of the two that evening, with the pork belly sliced to thin slivers. I particularly loved the addition of chilli, so bright, so fun, so tasty!

I also felt after eating the pizzas that I didn’t feel heavy, they weren’t very oily and all the toppings looked bright and fresh. All good things. 

As winter comes a-knocking, I probably won’t be visiting Wilo Pizza so much in person, but their number is already in my phone, for that once a month pizza session Brad and I still do…

440 Church Street
Richmond 3121

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