Sunday, February 28, 2016

Porcelain Tea Parlour

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As part of my job at BrandWorks, I’m fortunate enough to have to spend time just generally reading and researching what’s trendy, what isn’t, what’s upcoming etc. etc.

What I’ve been loving reading at the moment? 

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How much tea is coming into it’s own in a coffee flavoured ocean. I’ve been seeing a lot of cocktails at bars infused with the stuff (therefore it’s healthy…right?) and I love some of the tea shop concepts I’ve been seeing popping up around the world (which are all so beautiful and zen like, I’m into it).

For those who don’t know, I don’t drink coffee, not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t feel I need to, and am a lover of all things tea like. 

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So when I heard the Porcelain Tea Parlour opened in Carlton, it was definitely somewhere I had been keen to go to for a while, but life was doing it’s usual thing and distracting me from remembering to visit.

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Fortunately, when I suggested to Cheryl from Flag and Spear (who run some amazing tea events) that we should meet up, we wound up at Porcelain Tea Parlour. Trust a tea sommelier to get you there huh?

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Warm emerald green walls, cushy seats, low tables; you could be at a tea party, or you could just be in someone’s living room. Porcelain Tea Parlour is definitely a place for reprieve, and on the slightly hot and muggy day it was, it was a relief to sink into comfortable seats to cool off. I love that they’re also open until 10pm, leaving plenty of time to pop in for a little chilled out tea time session before heading home after the work day. 

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The tea menu rotates, with a diverse and interesting range of teas, a mix of familiar and a little more unknown. Opt for a tea of your choice (or let owner Scarlett help you choose), try a flight, or even request the ‘Tea & Post’ where you can sip your tea while hand writing a letter. 

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I had a golden tips tea when I visited, whilst Cheryl got an iced chamomile infusion. 

Should you need a nibble as well, there are macarons, chocolate and cheese on hand. 

If my evenings weren’t so busy as of late, you would definitely find me relaxing in Porcelain Tea Parlour far more frequently. I’ve decided to read more books this year (I’ve even got a google docs spreadsheet going to track what I’m reading!), and couldn’t think of a better space to do just that, along with one of my personal drinks of choice. 

149 Elgin Street

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  1. FINALLY!!! As one of the only non-coffee drinking Melbournians in this city, I am SO EXCITED that tea is finally coming to the party! Cannot wait to try this place, thanks for the heads up!