Thursday, June 29, 2017


Playing a little catch up here. 

Brad and I went to Dexter towards the end of last year, but since our visit, I longingly look at the Google location for Dexter starred on my Google Maps on my phone every time I open it. I’m just not really ever in Preston that often - although we have looked at apartments in the area once or twice (Dexter’s just not open at 10:30am in the morning…)

The bright and light filled space, is not what you expect a BBQ restaurant to look at - but being a self proclaimed ‘Non-traditional American BBQ’ restaurant that would make sense. Brick laid bar, handsome ocean blue tiles accented by light ply and black steel framing. It’s contemporary, fresh and incredibly inviting. 

Dexter’s KFC - Kentucky Fried Cauliflower - was definitely my kind of KFC. Golden and crisp on the outside, but sweet and tender cauliflower on the inside. With a bit of hot sauce on the side? Best picked up and stuffed into your face with fingers. 

But the main show of course, was the cured beef brisket, served with bone marrow mash, pickles, and a charred marrow rubbed sourdough trencher. Um. Drool. Drool. And drool some more. I haven’t done a lot of BBQ in Melbourne - but definitely was one of the best briskets I’d had. It melted in the mouth, and I loved the moistness of it (can you say that about meat?). And that bone marrow mash? Divine, purely divine. So smooth and so rich! 

To offset the richness of our smoked brisket goodness, we got some green chilli slaw on the side which hit the spot just right.

With news that these guys are opening a second shop in the CBD, you can only imagine how excited I am!

456 High Street

Dexter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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