Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cafe Vue at Melbourne Airport

Did you all have the same reaction as I did when I found out Cafe Vue and (maybe?) Movida were planning on opening at Melbourne Airport?

Or even the same reaction I had when Cafe Vue ACTUALLY opened up in Melbourne Airport?


I was very excited to be able to visit the establishment on my most recent trip to the Philippines and Shanghai, my flight being a charming 9am in the morning, meaning I would be in the airport and ready for breakfast by about 8 or 8:30am.

Unfortunately due to some issues with the TRS office, my time for breakfast was shortened accordingly and I only managed a very brief and rushed visit for breakfast.



The fit out was gorgeous, I regret not taking a picture of the front where all the pastries and sweets and coffee came from which was done up to look slick, ornate and very pink all at the same time. I also marvelled at how much space they had in the cafe itself, which was looking very sexy and modernist with it's black walls and floor and stark white chairs contrasting against it.

I settled onto a couch seat and already knew what I wanted to order, as I had been eyeing the menu online the week prior to leaving (such is the life of an enthusiastic foodie...).



I naturally had to have the corn fritters with avocado and watercress fennel salad. Although unfortunately I really was not as enamoured with it as I was sincerely hoping to be. I think I generally prefer corn fritters which look like they've been made by hand, almost man handled with lumps and bumps and coming out in all sorts of funny shapes. This came across as a bit over processed for my liking in presentation, whilst there were a decent amount of full and crunchy corn kernels inside, I was hoping for more and found it was a little bit too doughy for my taste.

On the plus side though, the flavouring was great, there was a hint of curry or some lovely warm spice which made it quite addicting (despite being a bit doughy) and the avocado puree is pure genius and went beautifully with it.

So whilst not bad, maybe just not my kind of corn fritter.


I do wish they would serve chai lattes, but the hot chocolate was a sufficient alternative. I think I'm a bit spoilt in Melbourne with all our chocolate shops, so would have loved it if it was slightly thicker and creamier, but it was still very nice, not too sweet and deliciously cocoa-y.

So whilst this first visit might not have been as delightful as I would have liked, I am very impressed that the prices are reasonable, considering it is still in the airport, it's not much different than going to any other cafe in Melbourne and of course the service. I told the waiter I only had half an hour until my boarding time and he assured me there would be no concern. As I ordered so quickly, my food came out even faster and the bill also came in a flash when I asked for it. Perfect for people on the run (although my flight was delayed half an hour. Crushed!)

I do have a trip coming up to Europe in just over a week (!!) so will certainly take the chance to revisit and see if the eggs would be a better choice for me.

Melbourne International Airport (T2)
Melbourne, 3045

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