Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hi everyone! Hope you've all been well!

I apologise for the lack of updates as I am currently in Europe (even tough I've been putting up posts for Shanghai, wee bit behind. Sorry!), and driving around with my family, merrily eating our way through Switzerland, France, Spain and next Italy!

We've had truckloads of chocolate and cheese in Switzerland in the mountains, where I've also had my Mont Blanc chestnut dessert fix, hoorah!

In France we've been spoilt with home cooked French meals by our host, from beef bourguignon, cheesy lentil gratin, tarte tartin and of course croissants and brioche in the morning.

In Barcelona we dined on croquettes, paella (negra and seafood, mmm!), jamon galore, and had some of the thickest and most delicious hot chocolate I've ever had at the market. And of course feasted with our eyes on Gaudi's masterpieces.

So as you can see, I've been a bit busy and been left with very little time to catch up with everything I have! I may skip everything I"ve been meaning to upload and share the food I've been having in Europe....when I have a spare moment.

2 weeks left of driving and eating, here we come!