Sunday, April 22, 2012

Morris Jones

I frankly love Channel 7's digital channel, Seven mate, the really blokey channel that I think is supposed to appeal to bogans who drive utes and drink VB. I know. Totaaaallly me.

But they do have a couple of shows I actually really enjoy, and on Wednesday night's, it's become a bit of a routine for Brad to come over, have a simple nibble at home and then kick back to watch 'Hardcore Pawn', 'Pawn Stars' and 'American Pickers'. The two former about pawn shops in the US that buy and sell used goods and the latter, two guys road-tripping around America, visiting people who collect the most random things and buying bits and bobs to try and resell later.

To an extent, I do just enjoy reality tv. But another element I like about these shows, is that it's usually about taking something old, and doing something new with it (maybe not so much with Hardcore Pawn though, that's just drama). There's something so fascinating in seeing how other people can see value in things that others may just trash, or finding out the history behind some of the things that are brought in or picked out.

Morris Jones is a beautiful heritage warehouse style building, that was originally constructed in 1887. On the menu, if you flip it to the backside, there is actually a picture of the building from back in the day, when it was still selling furniture and other household goods.

It's certainly changed a bit since then, the all in one, cafe/restaurant/bar, now sporting a dark and sleek fit-out. I particular love the upstairs area, which I forgot to take pictures of, which is quite lofty and lovely. It feels more like a lunch or dinner place, rather than a breakfast-y sort of place, but with it's big windows lining the front, it is still quite welcoming.

After trying to get into Dukes on a Saturday morning, which was crazily busy, it was so relaxing to be in Morris Jones. It was quiet, the staff were friendly and Brad and I could cosy up at a corner table after a lovely day spent together at the Cullen hotel and not have to yell in order to be heard.

This is how much faster I drink my chai lattes compared to Brad drinking his lattes. I'm thirsty yo! I found the chai latte great, easy to drink with smooth milk and a good balance of sweetness and spices.

Whilst tempted by savoury crepes, Brad and I kept to eggs. Brad got Morris Jones's version of baked eggs, free range eggs, vine ripened tomatoes, onion, field mushrooms and masala spices over booked in their house cocotte. Whilst not the most beautiful colours, I really loved the masala spices flavour in this, it kinda smelt like curry, which is comforting to me.

I went with poached eggs, served with roasted cherry tomatoes, shallots, spinach and crispy baked polenta fingers. I was kinda craving chips and this was as close as I was going to get at 11 in the morning.

The eggs were gorgeous, translucent, with a slight jiggle and a perfectly runny yolk. I can never complain with sweet tomatoes, would have liked a little more salt in the spinach and loved the perfectly golden polenta fingers. I mean, look at them, just like golden nuggets. Maybe not quite as valuable though! A beautiful crunch around the outside and soft yumminess inside. As it should be.

I think I remember walking by the old warehouse when I was still in uni several years ago and it's so lovely to see it get a new lease of life. Brad and I had a delightful brunch, where we felt we had the time to laze around a bit, before strolling down Chapel Street. Will have to try dinner sometime, to hopefully get to sit in the lovely upstairs area sometime...

Morris Jones

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