Monday, August 27, 2012

Hanoi Hannah

So Monday nights right. I always figured people probably wouldn't go out as much on a Monday night, cause you know, the weekend would have just happened and money saving has to happen on the odd occasion. Or in my case it should definitely happen a lot more, but I blame it all on the shoes, and their cow-hidey, high heel sexiness…it's not my fault!


So Monday nights right. 

Caryn and I decided to meet up for dinner, because we hadn't seen each other in ages (as always), and we thought we would make our way to Hanoi Hannah to check out the little hotspot. 

Oh lord. 6:30pm and the place was pumping already! Phew. Since I arrived first, they wouldn't seat me until Caryn arrived as well. So I perched myself at the bar. 

And although I had told myself earlier that I wasn't going to have any alcohol, as I had been drinking fairly heartily the week prior…well…it's a Hendricks iced tea with aloe vera foam. How the heck am I going to say no?

Just one's alright isn't it? Maybe? Definitely! 

Just yummy really, the aloe vera foam was certainly a fun element and I loved what it added to the flavour. Really, really refreshing, this would be so perfect in summer it's not even funny!

Hanoi Hannah is a tiny little space, and kind of feels like someone took an abandoned house and just decided to install a shiny new bar in the middle of it. It's kinda cute and kinda rustic feeling, with a little Asian flair in the decor. 

Caryn eventually showed up and I hopped around trying to find someone's attention, to see if it was possible to be seated at a table anywhere. I was quite cooly told no but that they would see what freed up (yeah right buddy), but fortunately another stool freed up at the bar and so we stayed there. No thanks to you Chapel Street hipster staff! (That wasn't too mean was it? Oh well!)

We had wanted the balalot but they did not have it this fine Monday night. Le sigh! So pork belly sliders it was! Looking all cute and perfectly pokeable, the bread we loved, and although the pork was seasoned well, it was quite dry. Maybe the crispy tofu sliders would be the way to go next time? 

Whenever Caryn and I eat out, I'm always amazed how much food we seem to be able to go through between the two of us…and tonight was no exception! Our plates are always wiped clean as food wasted!

Salt and pepper dusted school prawns with a 'vietnamese' salsa were next up. We were always both suckers for these little goodies. And we weren't let down, light, crisp and tasty, these went down like popcorn!

We both oohed over the 5 spice quail, which was sticky and sweet, and the sort of thing that you would eat with your hands and then lick your fingers clean later. Maybe a touch dry, but hardly noticeable and still quite enjoyable. 

I think the crispy soft shell crab was one of our highlights, another which we ate with our hands, so uncouth are we! 

And of course to finish, we had to try out their msg free beef pho, what visit to a Vietnamese restaurant would be complete without? Hanoi Hannha kindly split the serve into two smaller bowls for Caryn and I, so we could avoid a messy sharing process! 

I'm personally no expert on pho, but I generally enjoyed the flavour, the noodles were perfect for slurping, the beef tender. My only real complaint was that it was served warm. When I have soup, or a soup noodle type of dish, I like my soup to be piping hot and steaming away which is what was lacking here. What a shame. If they could serve it piping hot, for $10, I think it's a fairly decent feed, especially for being so close to Chapel Street! 

Although we had a slightly bumpy start, in trying to get a table, our night was soon filled with laughter, giggles and gossip. Hanoi Hannah was a fun, and fairly affordable little spot (surprisingly) for us to catch up. The food was easy to nibble, with some hits and some misses. Service was also much friendly and attentive once we were seated and ordering food. If only it wasn't so hard to get a darned table…! Get here early folks!

Hanoi Hannah
180 High Street 
WindsorVIC 3181

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