Friday, June 6, 2014


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Sometimes it's just nice to keep things simple. Like, naming your cafe after the adjacent street, like at Barry in Northcote. You've got to wonder though how nobody thought to just call a cafe that, or actually give it a Can you imagine going to 'Sarah' or 'John' on a Saturday morning for your coffee fix? 

Somehow 'Barry' just seems to work. 

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A collaborative effort between the clever minds who between them have opened Touchwood, Tall Timber and Pillar of Salt, for a rather unassuming name, Barry has quite rich bloodlines. 

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On an overcast morning, the cafe is bright and light, white brick walls and lots of lovely light timber. It's quite busy outside, but fortunately the wait isn't too long and within 15 minutes, we're perched up by the counter. 

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Creamy lattes and rich chai's are comfortable and familiar.

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Going with a simple classic, Brad's benedict eggs sit on slow braised free range ham hock and are topped with apple cider hollandaise with a smart little garnish of granny smith apple. I'm surprised by the granny smith apples, but it works perfectly, adding a bit of crunch and cutting through the richness of the hollandaise, balancing it all out. Sometimes it's just the little things that make the difference isn't it?

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And did I mention those eggs were perfectly poached? Mmhmm.

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It had been a while since I had done an omelette, and Barry had a good one, filled with mushrooms and cheese, and showered in hazelnuts. It was so earthy, comforting and lovely. When I'm at home by myself, I often just make mushrooms and eggs, so it's hard for me to not like this combination really…especially when you throw cheese into the mix!

Although we kept it simple on this occasion, Barry certainly has a lot more to offer, with the superfood salad that I once had (and loved) at Pillar of Salt, a dish with peanut butter and tomatoes (for the adventurous) and a delicious sounding coconut chia pudding. I was sorely tempted to get the latter as a breakfast dessert but was much too full after my omelette!

But I suppose at least then it's always nice to have a reason to revisit a place isn't it…?

85 High Street
Northcote 3070

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  1. I loved Barry's fitout and you captured the feel of the place very well. I didn't have that great a dish, but Jo had the mushroom omelette just like you did and it was FAAAABULOUS!!! :D

  2. Hey curious to ask - what was the benedict base? Was it a potato rosti? I just went and ate that dish at Barrys as Id seen bloggers posting that benedict dish and it looked amazing. My dish (and my friend also agreed about hers) was so bland. The base was some crumpets which were so.... stodgy and flavourless. The hollandaise was tasteless and ham hock added nothing new (honestly would have preferred simple bacon). I thought they based it on a rosti but the menu had it listed as crumpet... was so dissapointed... not sure if they just changed it...?

    1. Hey there! I believe we had a potato roesti base, I'm sorry to hear that your benedict experience at Barry was lacklustre! :( Perhaps they have changed it, but it would have been quite recent, as we were there in May I believe.